the Wolf Alliance

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    • the Wolf Alliance

      We are a global alliance that is recruiting new players who can speak English and use discord for communication.

      Right from newbies to level 90 players are welcome.

      Now you'd be wondering if this is yet another alliance in the list of new alliances which is ever growing. We understand your point. Don't worry about that thing. Cuz soon as you join the server, we will be practicing in a serious internal match. We promise that.

      What makes this different from others is that we people aren't rude to new players doing mistakes. In fact we have a separate department only for teaching new players the game mechanics. Now is your chance to be part of an alliance that will stop at nothing except to become a global community. Just remember that every top notch alliance has had it's days of infancy. We are right now in ours but soon
      you'll see for yourself.

      DM Pstomar about your wish to join and that's it

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