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  • 2018 Intnl. Player's League Rules

    These are the Player's League rules for the 1st season of 2018 (as posted :

    • RULE 1 - GOLD USE IS FORBIDDEN!! We will set EXTREMELY harsh rules for breaking them... If you are caught using gold, you will be banned from the PL for the remainder of the season, unless you confess in a PM to the moderator within 1 hour of doing it, and are willing to accept, and cooperate in executing, a penalty which will be severe enough to make sure you never do it again (like... healing one unit will cost you three).
    • RULE 2 - Round usually start at the first day of the month, and run one full day short the normal length of the month (e.g. the January round ends at the day change from January 30th to January 31st). Exception will be published on this forum.
    • RULE 3- A coalition can have a maximum of three members. Players can create, join, leave, and disband a coalition at any moment they wish. There should be no loss of honor doing so; in fact coalitions should only be considered to be a tool for enforcing rule number (5) below.
    • RULE 4 - At the end of the round, every player earns an amount of points equal to the victory points on the last day change of the round.
    • RULE 5(A) - Having a Right-of-way or Share-map with a player outside a coalition is forbidden. PLEASE NOTE: this also includes NPC's and inactives. Players leaving a coalition are responsible themselves for adhering to this rule and must cancel SM/RoW upon leaving; former coalition partners must cancel it within 12 hours.
    • RULE - 5(B) - Only exception to rule (5A) are the former coalition members of an inactive player; they are still allowed to have RoW with the inactive player (after all they cannot cancel the RoW offer by the inactive nation).
    • RULE 6 - NAP's and other diplomatic agreements (other than those in the rules above) are not a part of the official rules, and will not be enforced by the moderators.
    • RULE 7 - Tech stacking (using the same unit type of different levels in the same stack) is NOT allowed. You can swap units with other players even if your tech levels differ, but you are NOT allowed to merge them into the same stack. Offending stacks must be split immediately at the request of any other player in the World Herald. Failing to do so within 12 hours, or if significant advantage was gained by breaking this rule, additional penalties may be imposed by the moderator.
    • RULE 8 - Moderator/PL Admin decisions are final. Players must respect and obey moderating decisions, if they fail to do so they may be expelled from the round or even the PL as a whole at moderator discretion.
    • RULE 9 - Be respectful: Morale rule based on staff ethics, Bytro ethics, and normal social ethics.

    Note 1: All players who register in time and who accept the Bytro CoW Community Support Terms of Use and the CoW League Rules are eligible to participate in league games. The management of the PL reserves the right to refuse to participate in serious cases of infringement in past league rounds in individual cases. In this case, a message will be sent to CoW Community Management.

    Note 2: The use of gold is not allowed in league games (CoW Community Support monitors).
    Players who accidentally used gold must announce this use immediately in the newspaper (World Herald) and inform the game management (TBA) about it. (Unreported gold use is considered a serious breach of rules and leads directly to the game exclusion).

    Intnl. PL Game Management:
    The CoW Player's League Management currently consists of the following players:
    @Dr. Leipreachán (CoW Community Coordinator)
    @grandpooba52 (German CoW ENModerator)

    :!: Decisions of management are FINAL :!:
    Dr. Leipreachán
    Community Support

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  • PL Basic Layout:
    1. The PL league launches a new round/game on first of every month, and always ends on day 31. One season lasts 6 months.

    2. Not all games have to be played one season.
    3. New players may enter the league in the current season and join or miss any round.

    Country Selection:
    • The countries are randomly distributed (no free selection).
    Point System:
    • Each player receives league points equal to his/her victory points at the end of the game
    League points:
    • The earned league points (LP) are made up of the final VP recorded in game will be added during the season. The three best players at the end of the season get gold and a free premium account

    1. Place, 20,000 gold and 2 months High Comman

    2. Place, 10,000 gold and 1 month High Comman

    3. Place, 5,000 gold and two weeks High Command
    :!: Points will be posted here at end of each round and Seasons Stats updated here --> PL RESULTS/STANDINGS
    Dr. Leipreachán
    Community Support

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