• Hey fellow players!

      I am currently playing as Germany in a blitzkrieg map and I'm wondering if I should invest in a series of infrastructure across my country as a "road." Infrastructure speeds up travel through that province, so should I build a few in provinces going across my country. I'm not big yet, but I'm winning and have plans to get bigger, including attacking the Soviet Union.

      I'm wondering if I should spend the money and resources for the long run, or is it not worth it. I can understand how it would be helpful, allowing me to shave off lots of time, but I could end up spending a lot of money on it. Is it worth it?
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    • Metals are usually in short supply in the early phases of the game, when countries are building their industrial base and are quickly producing new units. Oil becomes increasingly precious as the game wears on. Metals and oil are the key resources required to build infrastructure. Personally, I only build infrastructure in resource-producing provinces unless and until my core resource-producing provinces are fully improved with L3 infrastructure and L5 industrial complexes AND I still have surplus oil production (or I can buy it cheaply on the commodities market).

      Other players may have a different infrastructure construction strategy, but mine is driven by resource production, not transportation speed. That said, you can usually string together a pretty good transportation net in your core provinces by adding L3 infrastructure to all of your resource provinces.
    • temmie1 wrote:

      I've only used infrastructure like that in bottlenecks.
      I usually will connect the dots at key points in non-resource provinces, once my resource-producing provinces are fully built out. I almost never build infrastructure in all core provinces, because it's usually a waste of key resources like oil, which are needed for other purposes in the latter phases of the game.

      There are also several key geographic points where I will also build L3 naval bases for transportation purposes, like both sides of the Bosporus when I'm playing Turkey. That cuts the east-west transit time across the water almost by half.
    • sometimes i will build a road of lvl 3 infrastructures but that is only in later stages of the game as my empire expands and my troops get further and further away from home. this helps get troops to their destination fast (like a day instead of 2) and get into the fight quicker. i will sometimes also build up my air bases to level 3 to shorten refueling time( only if i have the resources)