Resource Production

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    • Resource Production

      Resource Production
      While strategy and numbers are important parts of this game, you still need troops--yet how can you produce troops if you have no money. Resources are important in this game, a bad economy can lose you a round, and a good one can improve the chances of a win. That's why I'm making this guide to help you, as I have helped out people's economies before and improved mine to a large degree in many games.
      How to start
      Starting with a great economy is rare, but once you've started the game, the economy is up to you. The larger countries tend to be economically stable, but in larger games, can be morally unstable--which is devastating to economy. That's why, in larger map, I recommend you pick a medium sized country. Once you have your country, it's time to analyze it. Look at what resources you produce the least--you may even be negative in some. Next, look at all your resource producing provinces. Look at the your economic weaknesses--oil is a very common one, from my experience. Rare materials are rare in the beginning of the game, but the situation improves toward the end. There are three parts to resource production:

      Moral-Moral is a key player in it, a province with level three infrastructure and level five industrial complex--but 0 moral--is not a good one. You'll want to build fortifications, and, if necessary, move your capital closer to it.

      Province Level-A non-core province has a -75% decrease of recourse production, so you want to focus on your core provinces first. Build up the moral and infrastructure, and, if necessary, industrial complexes, in core provinces first. If that doesn't fix the problem, then start working on building up the non-core provinces that produce the most.

      Infrastructure, Industrial Complexes, and Naval bases boost resource production. A level one infrastructure boosts the production by 10%, a level one Industrial complex boosts it by 10% and level one naval base boosts it by 5%. Build them where necessary.

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      I would recommend building infrastructure first, as a level three infrastructure boosts production as much as a level five industrial complex--a whopping 50%.

      Once you've done all that, your economy should be good. Keep building up until you get to a good place for your production--I prefer gaining at least 50 an hour. As you expand, your economy will both rise and fall, but if you start it off with a good one--the falls will be less likely. I am playing a Blitzkrieg round as Germany, I started with over -50 an hour. Now--thanks to these tips--I'm at +119 and hour, in two weeks! My oil amount is still low, but it'll be growing much faster.

      Expanding your economy
      Now that you're, hopefully, growing--it's time to grow your economy. As you take more land, you'll take more producing provinces, but you'll also be building more troops, which can guzzle resources. I recommend building with what you have, don't spam tanks when you'll already losing oil. At this time, your core province's production should be working pretty well. If it isn't--work on it.
      If you're core's economy is maxed out, and you're still negative--it can happen--start working on your non-core economy.

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      Even if you aren't in negatives, you should still work on it. It's better to have a booming economy than an okay one. Just don't pour too many resources into it if you are past your desired production, it could be a waste.

      Choose the non-core provinces that produce the most and begin building infrastructure, and if necessary, industrial complexes. I would recommend a level two infrastructure and level one industrial complex, but it really depends on the situation. If the moral is low, start working on fortification. You might want to put a militia there if it's really low, to stop it from rebelling. Once all that's complete, your economy should be fine. If it doesn't balance out, keep working on it.

      Keeping a Good Economy
      Keeping a good economy isn't actually too hard. Keep your eye on the production to see if anything is going wrong, then fix it. You might want to disable any barracks, nuclear reactors, and navel bases that you aren't using, they eat up grain, rare materials, and oil respectively. You can disable damaged level 2+ ones.

      Help Videos

      Resource Production
      By: Sir McSquiggles

      Resource Production with zero moral
      By: Sky Badger
      Well, that's all. Thanks for reading--I'm sure I screwed something up, so tell me. Should I keep doing these, if so, what should my next topic be? Feedback is welcome!
      Feel Free to ask any questions.

      To build, you must first destroy.