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    • Treasure Mail

      If anyone else is familiar with it, there is a message that pops up on the game menu saying "Your troops have uncovered a hidden mine with gold in it, check your email to claim your gold!".

      Short and Sweet, I never get this Email, I don't know maybe it's a hoax? It wouldn't be like a free game company to hand out Premium/Gold, I've changed the e-mail in the box multiple times and tried it on many different wifi connections, but there is never an e-mail to claim my "Prize".

      Anyone else ever had this problem? solutions? Comments?

      Thanks in advance for any responses.

      P.S I did as bets I could with the picture attachment. Didn't want to give away E-mail.
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    • Treasure Mail

      I see you asked this question once before and the answer is in the link above, did that work at the time you posted before? If not you can always submit a ticket and someone can look in to it for you.
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