Announcement Release Notes - May 23, 2018

    • Release Notes - May 23, 2018

      The achievement reward system is finally live! Check out your profile, collect your rewards and enjoy the profile rework improvements that came alongside other changes and fixes. More details about the achievement reward system can be found in the news post from last week. Please keep in mind that it may take a few minutes until an achievement will be marked as completed.

      Update News:

      Profile rework improvements:
      • We implemented a button in the top middle of your profile which allows you to switch between human and AI for your killed and lost unit statistics.
      • Clicking near the the score and ranking in the profile will open the ranking of that player, this can also be used in your own profile.
      • The arrow to show individual unit statistics will now open the information for all units at the same time, which allows you to get a better overview and compare their statics more easily.
      • Global popularity is now again shown in the ingame profile for Elite-AI rounds.
      Additional changes and improvements:
      • You are now able to find the map-specific winning reward for your game round in the newspaper.
      • The ‘report player’ button is also available for anonymous rounds.
      • In the research menu as well as the production menu you will now find Anti Air, Artillery and Anti Tank units in the Infantry tab. Mechanized Infantry can be found in the Armor tab. These units now count towards their new category for certain achievements.
      • The small icon next to each unit on the map will always display their current armor class. This was not always the case. Previously it was showing the easiest target class for some units.
      • ‘Earn Premium Currency’ options (also called ‘Offer Wall’) have been deactivated.
      • The newspaper filter for politics and economics works properly again.
      • Level 2+ damaged buildings with upkeep could not be disabled in the building description. This has been fixed.
      • Users that are invited to an alliance should now be able to see a message instead of the default alliance text.
      • Anonymous rounds do not show player details anymore.
      • The report form has been fixed.
      • You can now also compare your profile with other players.
      • Users were not able to trade less than 5,000 resources, we fixed this problem.
      • Gold rounds falsely showed 0 Gold entry fee, this has been fixed.
      We hope you enjoy the update,
      your Call of War team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • A couple of comments ----

      Following this announcement, and a reload of the one game I am currently playing, my personal battle statistics have fully updated and appear to be accurate and consistent with their previous reporting. As @freezy said above, the new and improved stats should be more accurate than previously reported. As far as I can tell, so far, so good.

      I just collected ~17,000 free gold units for having completed a bunch of first and second-tier achievement awards. To the best of my memory, that's more free gold than I received collectively for my first 7 or 8 solo game wins (the game-winning gold payouts used to be much smaller). If you received free gold for past accomplishments, as I just did, remember to say "thank you" and stop kvetching so much.

      @freezy and the software developer staff, thank you for adding the new button that permits switching back and forth between player-vs-player stats and player-vs-AI stats.

      All in all, a very good update release from what I've seen so far. I'm sure I will have more questions and comments as I explore the new updates further.


      P.S. @freezy: I also just noticed that the achievements are now correctly reporting my three victories on the 50-player Pacific map, which were previously not included because the three wins predated the creation of the achievement award for that map. Not sure how you did it -- since we assumed that data was unrecorded and lost -- but well done.

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    • Sasri wrote:

      In the research menu as well as the production menu you will now find Anti Air, Artillery and Anti Tank units in the Infantry tab. Mechanized Infantry can be found in the Armor tab. These units now count towards their new category for certain achievements.
      Thanks for making me rework the guide ||

      Other than that, I like the new update. It cleans up most things that people have been complaining about.
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    • I really like the research tree for Artillery and AT being on the same tab as Infantry. I usually stack these units with infantry for damage absorption, so it's nice to see how they are progressing together. Previously, I used to have to switch back and forth from the Armour to the Infantry Tab to see this.

      Also, the Armour tab is now less cluttered up.

      Well done, this was a good change.
    • MartinB wrote:

      Yep. It already is in my current game.
      Which, of course, was the whole point of the exercise. Other players will buy more gold to keep up in their current games.

      I also predict that the bump in gold use will also be temporary, as the noobs exhaust their temporary windfall from the new achievement awards over the next couple of weeks.

      I buy gold, I use gold, and I squirrel gold away for a rainy day. But there are far too many foolish ways to spend gold, which, frankly, a a knowledgeable player doesn't need.

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