Alternate WW2

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    • I want to RP as USA.

      I won't break any rules.
      I did that last time as people were irritating me and insulting.
      As long as this thing is out I will abide by all rules.

      If you notice that last time all my articles were real high quality and I was writing about 2-3 article each day. Till the time insulting and racist shit was out I was abiding all rules
    • Im down for the USA.

      here's a sample article from a prior roleplay as the UK:

      The Daily Telegraph


      British History

      The times of this age are filled with great strife, as the once proud and undefeated British Imperial Union was utterly shattered and fragmented into various states deeming themselves the continuation of this great union government.

      The United Kingdom was a nation existing on the British Isles in north-western Europe. It owned at one point the largest empire in history. After Revolts in World War I, the British Union took power in Britain and was able to retain control over the proposed Irish Free State through subsequent military takeover. Although officially withdrawing from the Entente, the country experienced long civil war and has not re-united.

      The United Kingdom officially came into being with the Act of Union between Scotland and England in 1707. This later encompassed Ireland.

      The nation would grow to become the leading world power, owning colonies on all continents. The empire experienced a significant blow when the United States split via violent revolution in 1776, however Britain recovered quickly and after a significant victory against France in the Napoleonic wars, the era of "Pax Britannia" began from 1815. In 1837 Queen Victoria, often seen as one of the greatest Queens who ever lived, ascended to the throne and ruled over this era.

      During the "scramble for Africa" Britain managed to annex a large amount of Africa, although experiencing great tensions with other powers, especially France. These nations attempted to reconcile with the proposed "Entente Cordiale."

      The Empire's Current Situation

      Surrounded by revolting vassals and allies turned enemies, including direct enemies such as Germany, The British Empire intends to reestablish control over its holdings and in order to begin such an action, it moves to capture various territories in North America, including but not limited to Corner Brook and Halifax.

      Furthermore, with its intent to reestablish order within the continents as well as its old empire, Several nations have established contact with the British Leadership, the first being the Union of Greenland, with a percieved goal to unite the Danish Realms into one main holding, similar to the British Imperial goal.

      No Other Communiques have been recieved from surrounding powers, although an Italian series of messages was recieved, with unintelligable wording that may have been italian, but no translations were found from the wording. Scientists point towards several theories, with one being that the individual and or individuals sending messages were not in character, leading to the messages being either impossible to decipher or absolutely unnecessary. British Researchers have thus named this the "Out of Character Message" effect, meaning that only messages in character will gain a response from the British Empire.
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    • I would love to join this as India. I am new to Call of War in general but have played the other games. I would love to get into RP and think this would be a good way to start. I am active and can post a sample article if necessary.

      Rank: beginner
      Ideology: Democratic
      Capital: New Delhi
      Country: India
      Background: India is a vassal of the British Empire. Some groups such as the Indian National Congress are calling for independence from the Crown. It will take a determined leader to lead India and her people through this turbulent time. Will they stay loyal to the British or will they revolt? Only time will tell.

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