WWII historical Role play

    • WWII historical Role play

      Ladies and gentlemen,

      A lot many times we wonder what would have happened if the leaders of countries had taken slightly different decisions.
      In fact we sometimes even curse the leaders of that era for their tactics of war.
      So let's put that question to an end. The same WW2 scenario with YOU in the drivers seat. Lead your nations to victory

      I am recruiting good and mature players for a WW2 RP.

      You need to join our discord first for that.
      The world will be divided into two major coalitions with the following playable nations:

      Coalition Axis:
      Spain(german puppet)

      France to remain neutral( an incentive for good diplomacy and win him over any side)

      Coalition Allies:
      India(british puppet)
      Australia (British puppet)

      The rules of the game are:
      1. Write at least one article each day.
      2. One real life day is 3 months
      3. You don't need to build aggression in the newspaper before attacking other coalition members but before attacking AI you need to build suitable aggression and have a warning.

      4. 2real life day peace period.
      5. Inactivity isn't tolerated at all. So if you plan a vacation or can't play for Jack shit please don't join.

      6. Articles should be mature with proper grammar and spelling. Don't write crap like "Today China declared war coz relations are very bad "
      Try to put effort into the articles.

      7. Respect others
      8.Need to have discord and be active on it it's cumpulsury.
      9. Puppets have to do exactly as their masters say or face annexation hence I recommend that newbie players if joining take any of the puppets so that the big players can guide you.

      So reply with your in-game name and the country to play with.
      I'll DM you the discord link.
      Only serious players please!

      Edit: countries taken till now:

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