Question about Espionage

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    • Question about Espionage

      So I was wondering how to effectively wage a covert war against someone with spies? Currently playing as Japan on the Pacific map. Day3, I have 8 spies deployed to SouthWestern Australia’s capital as he doesn’t have any counter espionage going on. 2 on intelligences, 3 on econ sabotage, and 3 on military sabotage. I can handle the cost of them, and it’s obviously risky since they’re all in his capital. But he doesn’t have any spies on counter espionage so I took the jump. Would it best to focus on his cities with military and economical sabotage and disregard intelligence altogether? I don’t know much and haven’t really considered using spies until now. Any insight and advice/personal experience would be great!
    • Usually best to spread your spies around, rather than concentrate all of them on your enemy's capital city. Most players will have their first counter-espionage spy in their own capital, as it is usually the target of enemy spies.

      I usually try to spread my spies around, and do not put more than one spy in any enemy location. Also, if you are up against a good player, he or she will always react to your sabotage, so keep your spies on the move. I always try to shift my spies around, so for example, if I have blown up some Metal in one city today, I move him to another city to blow up some Food the next.

      Intelligence is the single most important thing your spies do, so if you have only one spy to spare, it should always go on intelligence. The benefit gained from intelligence will usually outweigh just destroying a couple of thousand resources.
    • For intelligence spies:

      - almost all activity of intelligence spies are independent from its position, therefore take them in less important provinces! And move them every day!
      - to figure out some army, you have to take that spy near or in the interested province. But I think it is enough to take them in the province next to the province you are interesting!

      Economic spies:
      - what is your aim? Try to figure out which is the bottleneck resource for your enemy! Then send economic spies in those provinces! Decreasing in capital is almost useless, do not do that!

      Military spies:
      Similiary to the economic spies. Be specific! Would like to have some time till your naval forces arrives there, than target the province with lvl3 Naval base!

      Which is really important: try to figure out, what damage can cause the most problem for your oponent and act based on that!
    • A few pointers of mine would be first make sure you can afford the spies on the day change, otherwise you will lose them and it would be a huge waste of money.

      Also you have to weigh up cost against benefit, is it worth paying for another spy and its wages just to inflict minor or insignificant damage? Might be better to invest said funds towards other things. Ofc im not discouraging against use of spies, getting intel, damaging the resource production of a resource that your foe badly needs or damaging those tough forts that you need to push through are all important things but is it worth getting a spy just to reduce their steel production when they produce loads and have 100k in stockpile

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    • I would say it's worth it if you have the money to try and damage your enemy with spies. I always go for the resources they have the least of - as long as they actually need that resource. I've stopped my enemies from building nuclear weapons before like by sabotaging the reactors they needed to build with. I've managed to cripple production before in tight games giving my team an edge. I would argue spies can be very effective especially if you're in a stalemate. BUT you must make sure you have the money. I've run 25 spies before because I had the money. If you've got money sitting around and nothing to do with it you can run a lot of spies. Also if you do it right it will drive your opponent crazy. :D