Thoughts on Railroad Guns

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    • Thoughts on Railroad Guns

      I do not usually use these in my games as my playing style is usually based on a mix of armoured divisions and tactical bombers. However, now that there is that Railroad gun achievement and we get gold for it, am tempted to give it a go (also have signed up for a game and most of the others seem to be very new, so have a bit of latitude on this map).

      What do people think of them, do you use them and if so, what are your reasons for using them? or do most people here think they are just a complete waste of time?
    • My favorite way to play was Light Tanks and Bombers for a very long time. Then I discovered Artillery and RRG. Once you go this way you will not go back. :). Of course you should always have a balanced stack and you always need air cover, AA, etc. But RRGs have incredible range and all without taking any damage.

      They are slow and you need L3 Infrastructure but once you have 3 of these in your stacks along with AA and maybe a few AT. They are very very hard to stop. If your enemy doesn't have them all they can do is try to bomb you. As long as you have the AA and some other units...some air cover if his bombers try to get you anyway, he is going to take some severe losses in his aircraft while you decimate whatever your up against.
    • If it was not recently changed with the Achievement System's alteration, you can still do the "Construction Achievements" later if you've turned off all the enemies on your map. ;)

      Restrisiko wrote:

      Also after day 120, till ultimo, no matter if you're alone and since when, but if the game was ranked before, it gives crates and some achievements like "Build 1.000 militia (railroad guns, rocket fighters, etc ..).
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    • My thoughts on railroad guns . . .

      1. essentially long-range artillery, comparatively stronger than low-level arty;

      2. lower SBDE than either conventional or self-propelled arty;

      3. slower than molasses -- slowest unit in the game and it burns oil;

      4. relatively brittle and easy to kill with tactical air when not embedded in stack of AA and/or damage soakers; and

      5. good psychological weapon, especially against inexperienced players.

      RRGs have their place in the game, but I'm not a huge fan because they don't really fit my style of play. I have produced and used them, however, in games where I am fighting a defensive war and/or I have a fortified border with a non-ally. It's always a question in my mind whether the resources used to research, produce and maintain RRGs would not be better used on another type of unit.
    • I'm on Montana's side here, but my experience with them only goes as far as testing them on AI, where I found them to be much too slow for my liking. A lot of people seem to like them for coastal defence though, looking at some screenshots that have been posted, so I am sure they have their niche, no matter how small it is.
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    • Quasi-duck wrote:

      A lot of people seem to like them for coastal defence
      Yes. One unit can put a big dent in any disembarking units along a couple hundred KM of coastline, providing you have a few spotter units also, which is a good job for anything you don't need anymore.
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    • VorlonFCW wrote:

      providing you have a few spotter units also, which is a good job for anything you don't need anymore.
      In competitive games, I usually do not maintain the current research level for the armored car unit, because there are much higher priority unit types that I want in my force structure, and ACs are easily replaced with light tank or motorized or mechanized infantry units -- all of which are nearly as fast and have nearly as wide a reconnaissance radius as ACs do.

      I usually enter the middle game with 3 to 5 surplus AC brigades (made redundant by light tanks and mechanized infantry), and because of their wide reconnaissance radius they make excellent spotter units for rockets, long-range arty or naval gunfire, or tactical air strikes. They also make excellent early warning units when stationed along strategically important stretches of coastline -- the recon radius also extends over water.