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    • Mobile - Alliances, Friends, Game Creation.

      Hello All, I had a couple questions Im hoping someone can answer. I mainly play using the Mobile version.

      1. How do you create a custom or new game match and can this be done via Mobile yet?
      2. How do you create an Alliance (Not a Coalition)?
      3. Is there a way to add someone to a friends list?
      As I mentioned I mainly play via the Mobile version so if anyone knows how to do these things via mobile that is preferred. However, Id still be interested in hearing how its done on the desktop versions if that might translate to mobile. Any help or guidence would be appreciated.

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    • Stompavich wrote:

      Is there a way to add someone to a friends list?
      That is what an alliance is for the most part.

      Stompavich wrote:

      can this be done via Mobile yet?
      No. While mobile mode is great for checking games in progress not all features have been implemented yet in mobile.

      I use the app on my phone, and keep my phones browser switched to desktop mode to access game creation, messages, and alliance management.

      From within a game in mobile browser mode, click the menu lower right, then the settings gear, and scroll down in that menu for "switch to desktop" button.
      A switch to desktop1.pngA switch to desktop2.png

      Once your mobile browser is in desktop mode from the main page you can go to Games tab > New Games > Create game or you can use the alliance tab to create an alliance. If you wish to join an alliance simply look them up on the ranking tab for alliances and apply or join

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    • Ah, that's how you do it. I was quite stumped when I tried to send something to one of my alliance members.
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