New Battleship for the US

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    • New Battleship for the US

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      I would like to request about putting USS Texas (BB-35) in the game. The Battleship is good for defending against Anti Air and has great firepower. I would love to see it in the game, please help make this happen. :thumbsup: :saint:
      PS. USS Texas is in Houston Texas right now.
      All the stuff is in the history.
      The ship has 14' Guns x5
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    • todayswar wrote:

      Can you add the Tirpitz? or the royal navy or something that is missing?
      Well it isn't really certain ships that are added, it is the class that is added. All nations have to have the same amount of them as well, otherwise it unbalances the game.

      todayswar wrote:

      How about the M-42 duster the SPAA its after the m-19 Spaa
      We already have SPAA in this game, and the M-19 is already in it, while there is a stand in for the duster.
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