Alt History of WW1: 1938 RP

    • Alt History of WW1: 1938 RP

      In the wake of a 1917, the German Empire sent the Zimmermann Telegram to Mexico. The Telegram suggested that Mexico should declare war on the USA and retake the states of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Mexico accepted the terms and began mobilizing on the American Border. However American spies working in Mexico found out about the telegram and sent the information to the white House. President Woodrow Wilson ordered for an invasion of Mexico. The US congress voted and agreed to the terms and on January 30th 1917, the USA declared war on Mexico. This resulted in Mexico joining the Central Powers and the USA joining the Entente.

      With American participation in the war, The Entente were now breaking German lines and Pushing them back out of France. However the Kaiser sent reinforcements to the front and the attack was halted. Along the American Mexican front, the USA was making fast and steady progress against the weaker Mexican army. Within 4 months all of Northern Mexico and the gulf of California were under American occupation. Along the Eastern Front, the Russians were being pushed back out of Polish territory. Communist Revolutionaries were appearing around the country demanding an end to the war. The final battle happened at Minsk and the germans win in a decisive victory. The Russian empire surrendered 2 days later and signed a peace treaty on June 5th 1917.

      This freed up the front and Germany were able to move troops back towards the western front. However the Entente once again broke German lines and were on the offensive. They pushed the Germans out of Belgium and up to the river rhine. The German people demanded an end to the war after mass starvation occurred due to the Entente naval blockade. On December 24th 1917 , the German Empire surrendered and signed a peace treaty with the Entente the next day.

      The Austro Hungarian empire had been losing ground over the last several months and matters became worse when Yugoslavia declared independence from them. Italy had reached vienna by February and the Empire surrendered. The Ottoman Empire did the same two days later. Bulgaria ended up surrendering after aEntente organized coup occurred overthrowing the current government The Americans had reached Mexico City and stormed the Parliament. They declared victory over Mexico and this was the official surrender of all of the Central Powers

      The Treaty of Alsace Lorraine was signed on February 14th 1918 marking the end of WW1
      The Peace Treaty covered 5 sections: The German Empire , The Austro Hungarian empire , the Ottoman empire , Bulgaria and Mexico

      Section 1: The German Empire

      The German Empire shall release the Kingdom of Poland as an independent Nation. The German Empire shall cede:
      Alsace Lorraine to France
      Memel to Entente powers
      Schleswig Holstein to Denmark
      Eupen Malmedy to Belgium and recognize their control of Moresnet
      Togoland and German Cameroon to France
      Urundi and Ruanda to Belgium
      German East Africa to Britain
      German South West Afrika to South Africa
      Shandong and all German pacific Islands North of Equator to Japan
      German samoa to New Zealand
      All other pacific islands to Australia
      Germany shall become the German Republic under a democratic Government

      Section 2: Austro Hungarian empire

      Germany shall annex Czechia and Austria
      Italy shall annex South Tyrol and Trieste
      The Kingdom of Hungary shall be formed
      Slovakia shall be released as an independent Nation
      Galicia shall be ceded to Poland
      Bukovina shall be ceded to Romania

      Section 3: Bulgaria

      Bulgaria Will cede lands to Romania and Greece

      Section 4: Ottoman Empire

      Greece shall annex some lands
      Italy shall annex rhodes
      Italy shall annex Libya
      The Kingdom of Iraq shall be formed
      The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall be formed
      France shall annex Syria
      Britain shall annex Transjordan

      Section 5 Mexico

      Mexico shall become a democratic Nation

      Post War Conflicts:

      The Russian Civil War:

      After surrendering in 1917, The Russian empire ended up in a communist civil war. Over 3 brutal years of fighting happened but eventually the Communists won and the Tsar and hiis family were exiled. The new communist government proclaimed their new Nation as the Soviet Union. In the Civil war, latvia, Lithuania , Estonia and Finland all got their independence.

      Colonial Rebellions of independence:

      Ww1 had drastically affected Britain and its colonies and some were bitter about the amount of lives lost and wanted independence. In March 1924, a mass revolt took place in Egypt with the supporters demanding freedom from the british. Britain was exhausted from the war and hadnt recovered properly. Egypt overthrew British control in the area and declared their independence on April 4th. In July 1925, the South African government was overthrown by an independence supporting government and declared their independence. Britain could not fight so they let them have their independence

      Chinese Civil War:

      The Chinese Civil War erupted on September 17th 1928. Regional warlords had grown tired of a failing government and decided to try and grab power. The Japanese Empire took this as an opportunity to expand and annexed lots of the Chinese coast and the North East. They set up a puppet government in Manchukuo after taking it. A majority of China unified but it left China in a desperate and weak position

      The world in 1938:
      Fascist dictatorships have taken over Germany, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Japan and Sweden. These new nations are in one alliance called the "Axis Powers". Italy has annexed Albania and Ethiopia and looks to restore the Roman Empire. The German Reich and 2nd Ottoman Empire seeks to restore former glory. The 3rd Mexican Empire wants revenge for WW1 and The Empire of Japan and the Swedish Empire seeks power in a new era. With the USA in isolation and the the threat of communism and fascism at their doorsteps, what will the democratic Nations of the world do? Only time will tell

      No Gold Usage
      No Multi Accounting
      No OOC in the Newspaper
      Post in newspaper regularly
      No warmongering
      Give a good justification for war
      Justifications should be posted in the newspaper
      A peace treaty should be signed at the end of every conflict
      Once you take a players capital , offer them a chance to surrender
      Respect other players
      You need to be Level 1S or over to join
      1 day= 3 months in game
      Stay active
      Have fun

      Major nations
      Britain Democratic
      France Democratic
      German Reich Fascist
      Soviet Union Communist
      Empire of Japan
      USA Democratic
      Italy Fascist Taken
      Republic of China Democratic

      Minor nations
      Canada Democratic
      3rd Mexican Empire
      Brazil Democratic
      Spain Communist
      Swedish Empire Fascist
      Yugoslavia Communist
      2nd Ottoman Empire Fascist
      Britidh India Democratic
      Australia Democratic
      Mongolia Communist

      How to apply:

      COW Name
      Intended Nation
      Agree to Rules Y/N

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