Want to join a alliance?

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    • Want to join a alliance?

      Hello every one, :)
      I made a new alliance, we still 4 right now, we are a bunch of all day active players with great talents in the game and we usually player role play games on our alliance too. :D
      We are interested in having more players with us, but we have three only rules: ;)

      :!: 1- be an active person, like you should be active every less 12 hours.
      :!: 2- know how the game works, we want a person that knows the game and how most simple things work (like moral, ressources, spies, patrol, nuclear, navy...)
      :!: 3- we work as team and friendly, dont get mad just because of someone attacked you, dont be racist, and if you are playing in a coalition dont play for a solo win.
      that's all :thumbup: thanks for understanding ||
      if you accept the rules and want to join us :thumbup:
      please reply by your call of war name or message me in my call of war account ( King_The ) :whistling:
      Have a nice day :tumbleweed: dont forget to repy or send me a message in call of war King_The :evil: :D
    • WayneBo wrote:

      there is a recruitment thread under "Alliances",
      but this forum is scarcely viewed, better to try on the global chat channel.
      Moved to there
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