More and better Map Overlays please

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    • More and better Map Overlays please

      How about a map overlay that shows teams in team games, and maybe coalitions in most other games? Sort of like what you see in the Herald map screen in team games. I'm sure there are other overlays that would be cool to have as well.

      So that image is what you see in the Herald in a Team game. I'd like to have that overlay on the main map. I would suggest you do something like random colors for each coalition, and maybe different shades of color for AI or inactive nations.

      I went back about a year and didn't find anything close to my suggestion (with one exception).

      Call of War 2 392 436 (1).png
    • I have suggested it, so it is already on the list. There are many many many good suggestions on the list, so no guarantees about if or when this will be implemented.
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    • Hm. I've not noticed this idea before. It's not a bad one, though. I would only suggest that the overlay not totally overlap individual nation's colors. Perhaps instead it could be a very thick border kinda like the beachhead border in the [DOMINION] Antarctica map, but make it not a solid line. Instead, it could be wider still but have a gradient (like my idea with the patrol circle) going from being fully transparent along the inside edge to being fully opaque along the outside edge. And this border would/could be more vibrant like when multiple patrols overlap and give a richer, more visible patrol circle.

      Here's a few samples of what the drawn border could look like with a gradient: It is a picture of the so-called "Praxis Effect" which, according to Wikipedia, in sci-fi, is used frequently when planets and other super-gigantic objects explode. Of course, I don't mean for this proposed coalition/team border to be quite as elaborate as these (I think the devs would kick my ass if I suggested otherwise). But you get what I mean, though. Oh, and by the way, just google "planet explosion" for some kick-ass (pun intended) images. Wow!

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