How to modify map for roleplay?

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    • How to modify map for roleplay?

      Suppose you have a good idea to create a roleplay map, how do you create a map from it's default configuration to fit it's roleplay content? Things like configuring a starting border, which team the country belongs, which country will be playable, what military they have and buildings.
    • Sadly the only configuration that you can do is through yourself and players you get who are willing to change the borders to whatever you desire the RPG to look like. Usually this works better on the smaller maps, as global maps are only reserved for the massive RPGs.

      After that, you can take the first weeks to configure what country should have what size army. Some RPG's have tech tree systems that really help keep a realistic side to roleplaying per say a historical RP.

      There is multiple maps that the Roleplayers Union (A community on this game) uses with Microsoft Paint to distort the natural borders to add an artistic approach when advertising their games on the forums. I recommend getting in contact with them.

      If you would like to become a member of the Roleplayers Union, I am sure they can give you a lot more company to play with!

      All the information is down here. Sorry if the website is a little dusty, I have not worked on it in a while.
      Hello there! :)