Nuke damage undone.

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    • Nuke damage undone.

      Hi guys,

      I have a few concerns, the foremost being this:

      I began an attack on an AI nation, using nuclear rockets. The AI had four flotillas. They contained 69, 34, 14, 13 ships respectively (pretty crazy). I used 5 nuclear rockets on the largest flotilla, 3 on the second largest, and one on the flotilla with 14 ships. They were spread apart a good distance so no chance of getting them mixed up.

      After the attack, the 69-ship flotilla lost all but 14 ships, the 34 ship flotilla lost all but 7, the 14 strong flotilla had 3 remaining ships. I considered it a job done, and began invading....

      And when I checked back an hour later... ****ALL of the enemy ships were BACK****. I'm not exaggerating either, every single ship was back and at 100% health. Of course my small fortune spent on the rockets didn't reappear, only the enemy ships came back. That is a freaking ridiculous bug. Is this common, and should I stick to other tactics, or not a common issue?

      Thanks for any feedback! :wallbash
    • Almost forgot, another concern is the achievement gold rewards. I look at the dashboard and only on rare occasions does it actually tick up a number towards an achievement. Five infantry units? I've defeated dozens (active player and AI), and it only shows 3 units defeated. What might I be missing?
    • Unless you had the units in a clear view you were looking at intelligence data from before the attack. You need to take a a unit in for a closer look and see.

      Intelligence data will show the time it was collected when you select the unit. This will be the time you last patrolled it with an airplane or your spies gathered the data.

      Achievements are only gathered against active players in ranked games. Players who have turned inactive do not count.
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    • The achievement part sounds right, thanks. The nuke damage was confirmed by having subs sitting right next to each flotilla. I checked and double checked, and the enemy flotillas simply returned to their pre-nuked state. I just checked again a few minutes ago and they're still at the same numbers. Only a ton of resources wasted.
    • I can honestly say that I have never seen that before.

      There are times when your browser is "ghosting" and the orders did not make it to the server, so everything returns to an earlier state, but in that case your rockets would be on the launchpad still as well.

      If you send in a bug report from within that game I can investigate a bit further, although I am not sure what more I can learn as it sounds like the nuke attack was not logged. Absence of data is rather difficult to investigate unfortunately :D

      A bit of reading on "ghosting", but I don't think that happened here:

      When you see orders not being carried out you should check your server state connection. This is an icon in the lower right corner with two half circle arrows. If you hover your mouse over it the state will pop up:

      Server State Connected: This is the proper connection when the arrows are stationary and means there is no communication difficulty with the server

      Server State Connecting or Waiting for Response: Will show the arrows in motion, and indicates that there may be an issue with server communication. Orders may not be transmitted to the server, so that commands to move or attack may not be carried out. Even if orders appear to be carried out within your browser they may not actually reach the server.

      Server State Disconnected: Indicates that your orders definitely are not reaching the server and you have an internet connection problem.

      One sign of these is when your units do not show an arrival time or travel time when you give orders. The arrival time and travel time come from the server, so when those are visible you can be sure your orders are carried out. Otherwise units may move within your browser, but will be back where they started when you load the game again.

      Typically these issues can be corrected by reloading the browser tab. Occasionally you will have to take the step of clearing your browser cache, closing and reopening the browser.

      If you try to attack/move something that doesn't exist, it will go "Server state differs from client". This is because the server state differed from the client (aka the map is different to what actually is there).

      Zooming out, a partial refresh, or a full reload should all fix this issue. Some of the time you will need to do the following: Clear the browser cache, close the browser, reopen the browser, Clear browser cache AGAIN, then try to reload the game.
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