FREE FOR ALL, Bad idea and implementation!!

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    • FREE FOR ALL, Bad idea and implementation!!

      I actually grow tired of coalitions in this game...every single one has at least half of the members that never pull their weight and let the 2-3 good players on the team carry them to the win...for a pathetic amount of gold. But now, to vomit 60,000 gold to the first place finisher of a timed 100 man map is so over the top in the other direction, I just shake my head. It demeans all the hours/days/weeks spent on the normal 100 man map and grossly rewards 5 players for a one-time event that most people didn't know about. Forcing players to accept random selection also sucks.

      I mean to just throw $20 worth of gold at a player that gets a lucky/good country selection is lame. Japan, UK and a few other countries have unfair advantages because of zero or limited borders with active players. I kept getting crappy AFrica/Asian countries with 4-5 people surrounding me.

      Again, increase rewards in normal/regular games and more people will play. Now, a few people will get insane amounts of gold for just coming in first with VP...which could be as low as 1000 with good payouts for 2nd through 5th.

      Simply a silly/horrible idea.