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  • How NOT to Contact another Player

    Greetings Generals,

    It has come to our attention that in the fog of war and confusion of battle some of you are accidentally sending reports to the support team by unintentionally reporting other players.

    So we have put together this little note on how the diplomacy menu, report coalition/article/user buttons works;

    When you want to mail a player in game you open diplomacy and select the mail icon (highlighted in red)

    When you press the envelope icon it will take you to the “Messages & Trade” screen in diplomacy and there you can type your message to contact the other player.

    You can also mail a player by pressing on the “i” button (highlighted in green above) and you will be taken to the stat page

    Once the “I” button is selected it opens the stat page;

    In the top right corner you have two options;

    • Mail player (red)
    • Report Player (green)

    When you select the envelope icon (mail player) it will take you to the “Messages &Trade” screen in diplomacy.


    However when you select the Player icon “Report User” (green) it is for REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS FOR RULEBREAKS Once pressed it takes you to this screen;

    There is a clear "Warning Message" (highlighted in orange) what this is for (you should read it before you make a report as it is NOT a way to contact other players.

    When you wish to reply to a article post it is better to press the “Write Article” option (top right of newspaper;

    Do NOT press the “Report Article” button (purple) below;

    :!: If you press it, it will just take you to the “Report Player” Screen again you should read it before you make a report as it is NOT a way to reply to articles. :!:

    Finally when you go to message a coalition you should NOT use the “Report Coalition” Button (green) below;

    :!: If you press this option you do NOT contact the leader or coalition you just send a report to the support team as again it takes you to the “Report Player” option :!:
    Dr. Leipreachán
    Community Support