Destroying Own Infrastructure

    • Of course if talking about realism, it would be completely correct to be able to destroy own IC, barracks and airfields quickly and with virtually no costs (buildings can be simply burned down - all you need for that is a little bit of oil and a match) and infra, naval bases and fortresses with low costs within a few in-game hours.

      While relocating IC or even infra to another province would be a bit fantastic...
      Military production capacities might be relocated with some effort, OK, but IC in CoW also gives resource production bonus. And can you imagine relocating that? Like, dismantling a steel mill in Liverpool and reusing it as a refinery in London? Or even moving a steel mill from Liverpool to Manchester - the easiest example? A few parts might be reused when building the IC elsewhere, but we really can neglect that.

      Anyhow in my opinion all of these questions are irrelevant, because a scorched earth feature wouldn't be good for gameplay. Mainly because attacking an inactive neighbour or AI is now already too beneficial compared to attacking an active human player. If the latter would make you conquer only scorched earth, that would make it worse.