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    • Details about units regeneration

      Ground units regenerate everywhere in your own territory. This of course includes all provinces you have conquered.
      No regeneration on hostile, neutral or allied area.

      Airplanes regenerate if they are based on an own airbase, even if in the air from there.
      No regeneration on carriers or allied airfields or when in the air from there.

      Warships regenerate everywhere - but ground or air units never regenerate as transport ship or at disembarkation, only during embarkation from own territory.

      All units regenerate also during movement or in combat, even in close combat, provided the other requirements are fulfilled, whereas healing with gold is not possible in close combat.

      The regeneration takes place automatically at the day change.
      The formula for regeneration is: Damage x 0.15

      Decimal places in the repair height are randomly rounded up or down.
      That's why sometimes no regeneration occurs when the existing condition is 94% or higher.
      Morale of the provinces, where in a province the unit is located, or to place an unit in a fortification has no influence for regeneration.

      Some examples:
      At 1% condition >> damage 99 x 0.15 = 14.85, randomly rounded = 15 or 14.
      At 10% condition >> damage 90 x 0.15 = 13.5, randomly rounded = 14 or 13.
      At 50% condition >> damage 50 x 0.15 = 7.5, randomly rounded = 8 or 7.
      At 90% condition >> damage 10 x 0.15 = 1.5, randomly rounded = 2 or 1.
      At 94% condition >> damage 6 x 0.15 = 0.9, randomly rounded = 1 or 0.
      As at 94% to 99% condition, regeneration is always either 1 or 0.

      Of course, it's also possible to spice up hard-hit units at any time by combining them with fresh ones of the same type, thereby giving all units the same condition after the mean, e.g. 1x20 + 1x30 + 1x50 + 2x100 results in 60% for everyone.
      CoW "units" are already at least squadrons or more, and when merging they divide their remaining forces comradely and evenly, as a result there is a quick redistribution but that's not yet a really regeneration.


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    • A frequently quoted Myth about healing is that the morale of the province matters. I believe this idea comes from the sister game S1914 where this is true.

      There is NO link between province morale and the rate of healing/replenishment/regeneration. This damage *.15 formula is always followed.

      A quick way to explain it is that if a unit is missing 10 hit points they will gain 1.5 hit points at day change when in a province you control.
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    • This is very useful! Thanks guys! I always wondered how exactly the regeneration worked.
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