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    • CoWmunity Roleplay Events

      Greetings Generals,

      On CoW we know we have many players that make up the large and exciting Roleplay community, but these gamers are divided and split from RP alliance to RP alliance, in an effort to make CoW more engaging to this large and diverse community we will be offering special RP rounds.

      These rounds will be causal RP (and it is hoped enjoyable RP) and will remain unranked but will have certain rules that will be enforced to ensure that all players have an enjoyable RP experience on Call of War.

      Map layout:
      • Map = The map type will vary.
      • Each round will last for 30 days and will end on day 31.
      • Minimum rank level 11.
      • All nations are playable (including AIs).
      • RP Theme Varies.
      • No land grabbing (LG = Invading a nation for no reason except for land).
      • No Gold use.
      • No trolling.
      • No OOC posts in WH.
      • Must post at least once a day in Newspaper! Posts must be a well written Paragraph.
      • You must have a legitimate reason for war! ALWAYS resort to diplomacy first.
      • Do not escalate situations fast for conflict.
      • Peace Activity human = 14 days.
      • Peace Activity AI = 7 days.
      • No Meat shielding.
      How to sign up:

      Every month we will run an RP event. To sign up you will need to Reply to the pinned RP thread that contains game info with the following:
      • Your game name (if different then your forum name)
      • Current CoW level/rank
      • State that you agree to rules
      Dr. Leipreachán
      Community Support
    • Hello! I have been searching and searching and searching for something like this for literally over a year here on CoW. I would LOVE to join. I am extremely active and love the casual RP experience you have described here!
      My Info is:
      CoW name: AustinLeonard
      CoW level: 41
      Rules: I agree to support and follow all of the rules!

      Please send me a message with more details ASAP! I am ready to jump in the action!