Aircraft Transport/Plane Transport

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    • Aircraft Transport/Plane Transport

      Transport Plane can only carry Infantry Categoried Unit : Militia,Infantry,AT/AA/Art Gun and commando except for Motor,Mech,and Armored Unit.
      If the AT/AA/Art Gun at high level Transport plane cant carry it so they must upgrade the transport plane,Lv.1 can carry Militia,infantry and lv.1-2 Gun, Lv.2 can carry Militia,infantry and lv.1-4 gun, Lv.3 can carry Militia,infantry,commando and lv.1-6
      Transport plane can be reseach at day 6 ,lv.2 will be at day 16 ,lv.3 day 32, so people cant just spam the transport plane with commando at day 32 im sure people are ready to face the spam.
      To avoid spamming Transport plane. The Plane will have longer refuel and can be easily shot down by interceptor.They will also had larger Upkeep so people cant just build lot of it.
      To put the unit on the Plane just like we place the Aircraft carrier with move button but its will use embark/disembark like in the transport ship,Lv.1 1 hour to take the unit inside the plane lv.2 45 minute lv.3 25 minute, so people cant just instantly put.
      Transport plane can only land and build in Airbase lv.2 its will take 1 days 12 hours in indrustrial complex lv.1.
      Germany :
      Lv.1 Junker Ju-52

      Lv.2 Junker Ju 390

      Lv.3 Messerschmitt 323

      USA :
      Lv.1 C-39

      Lv.2 C-47

      Lv.3 C-54

      Japan :
      Lv.1 Nakajima Ki-34

      Lv.2 Mitsubishi Ki-57

      Lv.3 Nakajima L2D4

      Soviet :
      Lv.1 Yak-6M

      Lv.2 SAntonov-7

      Lv.3 Li-2

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    • A transport plane to quickly transport land units from airbase to airbase would be nice just like CoN, i don't think it's for something you have to build and upkeep though, but i agree that you have to research it maybe wait till day 12 and up, weak to interceptors, 30-45 minutes to embark/disembark and can only take off and land on airbase lvl 3