Suggesting to Improve the Espionage Tab

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    • Suggesting to Improve the Espionage Tab

      Greetings leaders and commanders,
      I'm sure most of us are aware of the Espionage warfare that occurs round and about. We place a few intel spies, a couple of economical or military espionage spies, and wait a little while to see what happens. And we always look towards the Espionage tab for our information we need to acquire.
      We'll open it up, take a look and think, "Very interesting" or "Maybe tomorrow" since we didn't get the information, but all that isn't the concern.

      My concern is the organization of the Espionage Tab. All we see is a long list of information, that we needed, and sometimes the list is too long. We end up scrolling up and down for the information that we need, and if it's a large country and you're using intel spies, your gonna likely see a long list of production activities, but what if there was a way to organize it?

      Under "Reports" on the Espionage tab, the only option is "Show Previous Day" which is mostly useful, but also time consuming if it were another long list from the day before.
      I say we make the Espionage look similar to it's brother tab, the "Province list", there you see it's very organized, shows which regions for provinces and production, you can organize it by resources or however, and we should make the Espionage tab in a similar fashion, but keeping the amount of spies, cash, and etc.. all above "Reports" the same or so.

      For Example:
      |Day|Country | Type of Spies | Reports
      13 |Mexico | Intel | Sent to *Player Name*|

      Something to similar to the example or so.

      And what about people that use mobile?
      Well as a mobile user myself (mainly for notifications and not directing orders) I believe the mobile version still need it's improvements, but in my opinion the espionage tab in mobile looks alright as of now, since it's organized on a small scale.
      What I favor in war of this game, is speaking to the enemy like a friend through diplomacy and fight them on the battlefield like an enemy.