Balancing Changes

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    • I wish this was set up like Quora or something where we could comment under individual reply's. This relates to someone's comments, but emphasizes that the way this game is set up is for retired people, unemployed, and frivolous spenders. When I have the time, I use the multiple air groups and reset their patrol area before the 15 min timer goes up and they attack. That way I can destroy a larger stack using 100% efficiency only defending, while they are whittled down like flies to honey. What student of the game would not use that mechanic to their advantage?
    • About that overstacking planes thing, I think defending actually works without counting SBDE, because that was how I lost to Finland that I explained in another thread.

      My airforce and the Finnish airforce were about the same number, but he had stacked all his interceptors and tacs separately (like 1 huge stack of int and 1 huge stack of tacs). Mine was in the SBDE 5/5 formation. We both had our patrol, but he constantly moved his airforce to either attack my ground troops or to evade my airforce. I go to sleep even though I had tried my best to minimize losses (the battle began near my bedtime), and I wake up finding the Finns losing a few planes while I lose all of my airforce. I'm not sure if this is detailed enough, but I think it's evidence that when planes are defending, the SBDE doesn't count.
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