Nuclear Fallout Game - a free for all nuclear age match

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    • Nuclear Fallout Game - a free for all nuclear age match

      Death or Glory 2 Alliance run a series of internal events on a regular basis.

      This week we will look at starting a very special event.

      The Nuclear Fallout Game!!

      The idea is to get to a point where we can all field a large force of high level units at the start of combat operations. This will include nuclear weapons and nuclear powered naval units.

      This is an internal game and as such you must be a member of the Alliance to play. If you are interested in joining us (at least for the event) then message me or post below.

      Proposed rules:
      7 day AI peace.
      50 day player "peace"between day 8 and day 50 players may fight at sea or in the air or on player non-core provinces. So you can fight freely on an AI province for example Austria or Portugal. Air may not attack core provinces.

      Spies can be used at any point.

      No alliances between players or ROW.

      Players can try and get ROW with AI(edited)

      Map is 25 player historical map with random nation selection. It's a world map so plenty of space to expand, everyone should have a need for a navy in the game unlike the 22 player map.