suggestions units

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    • suggestions units

      TANK Destroyer
      it does not need to be faster it needs more life points or more defense against armored vehicles, for that they are and they do not fulfill their function.

      Railroad gun
      added small damage vs submarine
      what it really needs is an increase in damage against structures and troops,
      currently it is very expensive and inefficient, if it were more efficient the cost would not matter

      The commands
      the commands almost nobody uses them could be added the function of parachutists, so they avoid creating a new unit, they give use to the unit and make everyone happy

      Need decreased HP in all levels
      are overwhelmingly superiors

      "La mayoría no solo representa siempre la ignorancia, si no también la cobardía. Y del mismo modo que de 100 cabezas huecas no se hace un sabio, de 100 cobardes no surge nunca una heroica decisión"