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  • WebGL reactions

    I like the new scrolling and the zooming very much, particularly when I'm trying to get around a massive empire. :thumbsup:

    I don't like the shading and color contrast, however. It is harder for me to see the difference between my own territory and my opponents if the colors are too similar. That should be an easy fix, though -- just make sure the color values and shading patterns are more distinct.

    Cheers, Athenaios
  • I feel like the new graphics are horrible. Its a mess, i can only imagine how bad it looks for those still braving the 260 player map. The scrolling is fine, but god, leave the map alone.
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  • Thanks for the Thread!

    Please be more specific with what you feel is a mess. Taste is obviously very different and often times it is also just about getting used to it.

    The 260p map is not fully supported yet and has some glitches, there is a reason we stopped creating them.

    General reminder that also not all visual features are implemented in the WebGL version yet and that there are still bugs. This time this is really a betatest. Performance and RAM consumption is also still being tweaked.

    For anyone having trouble with WebGL:
    1. make sure that no other browser tabs or programs slow down your PC. Try if it is still buggy if you have just one beta game tab open and nothing else in your browser,also no other program.
    2. Please update your system's graphics driver. Most PCs still run very old drivers. Updating them should solve most of the issues.
    3. If the problems still persist after that, please create a bug ticket and also report your system specs in it.
  • You have that option in the game settings (bottom right corner), just toggle WebGL off ;)

    At some point in the future (several months down the line) switching back won't be possible anymore though. But for now you are free to do so.

    Changing the look of the province names is still possible. Making it black won't be a solution that will look better, but adjusting the shadow or text stroke should do the trick.
  • My initial reaction is that it seems a bit out of focus and blurry at first loading. Perhaps it is the province label font selection that is jarring? The shadow of the letters may be what draws my attention. It seems a bit less odd after zooming in a bit.

    The size of the labels and resources is smaller than it has been, which does make for a less cluttered appearance.

    I do like the option to zoom out more:

    Zoomed out with the original rendering:

    Zoomed out with the WebGL
    Although falling into the ocean again traveling west from Ohio looks a bit odd 8| :D
    (Just a map border setting that needs adjusting I am sure :) )

    The range circle for planes and artillery is confusing though. The line has been made very thick. I think it would look better with clearer definition.

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  • Initial WebGL impressions:

    General look - good, but map text not as clear as could be.

    Zooming in/out - very nice. Can zoom out to see whole map and can zoom in closer.

    Display of units - some units display exactly on top of others in split stack, so cannot select those underneath. Sometimes units to the left of another will display to the right (confusing). PLEASE do not obscure the roads with unit icons. (The last two are not new problems)

    Movement - paths of non-selected units now remain animated (used to be solid blue). It's confusing when moving another unit. Selected unit path no longer black when dragging, cannot distinguish from other unit paths.

    Arty/Air display - I will like these once I know how many km thick the new range "halos" are.

    Mouse over popups - embark/debark units no longer show wait timer. Also don't show arrival time. Game never did show patrol timers in popups.

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  • Don't like it. I play on mobile and when I turn it on the game goes from looking polished to looking like an alpha or beta. If I play without it, glitches pop up all over. Icon when in battle doesn't show, provinces with low morale don't smoke, range for aircraft doesn't show sometimes, plus sign when grouping units is missing.