Vehicle names are wrong according to the pictures

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    • Vehicle names are wrong according to the pictures

      Alguns nomes veículo está errado de acordo com as imagens, como o Tupolev Tu-2 lvl bombardeiro estratégico. 7, que na imagem é um Tupolev Tu-95, entre outros, eu coloquei as imagens de alguns como um anexo e seus respectivos nomes.

      "Some vehicle names are wrong according to the images, such as the Tupolev Tu-2 lvl strategic bomber. 7, which in the image is a Tupolev Tu-95, among others, I put the pictures of some as an attachment and their respective names."
      • i-16.png

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      • IL-28.png

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      • IS-2.png

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      • SU-122-54.png

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      • ta 152.png

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      • tu-95.png

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      • ZSU-57.png

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