Gold Use Threshold for every Round

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    • Gold Use Threshold for every Round

      I have been playing in a World at War (100 players) round lately and had encountered a player who uses gold abusively, I am not against using gold or any, as also I sometimes uses it too for emergency purposes like a much needed research or some intelligence reports.

      But this guy blew me away, he didn't just used it to speedup construction time but also bought units like 70-100 planes (yes he bought 70 planes) plus ground units then used reveal army for very much everybody that is at war with him. As I said earlier I don't have grudges on people who use gold, But playing with your wallet instead of using strategy takes all the fun away. As I beleive that this game is all about strategy and wit and not about mindlessly spending real cash just to win one round.

      So I propose that Game developers should implement a system that there is a treshold for gold spending every round so that no one abuses it and just start thinking about winning "conventionaly". Let's say about 15,000 gold treshold for every round could suffice so that it won't also discourage potential real cash spenders from buying gold. After All everybody needs money to continue operation and pay bills and stuff :D

      Peace! LMAO
    • Yes, I know what you mean. I was playing a round and my neighbor invaded me with a large stack but I was able to wear him down and eventually defeat the stack. This just made him mad, because a little while later he sent over 470 bombers with 265 fighters in support (no exaggeration). That was my wake up call. No matter how you look at it, this is a pay to win game. I know companies need to make money to stay solvent, so I'm not complaining. I'm just making a point. The most frustrating point of the whole thing? I get temporarily banned for pointing it out.