Limiting Gold Usage

    • However, PL requires many hours of attention (not that I dislike it, it's actually good in my point of view). What I'm suggesting is a no-gold game for carefree players who don't have much time and needs a lot of sleep (like me), so the fear of goldspenders is eliminated, for they are in another round. Of course, this would have to be rare since Bytro needs to earn money.
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    • Think about it this way, while you are saving your money and not spending gold but still completely and utterly destroying a inferior enemy with deep pockets, you are in a way winning because after all who is the one losing money out of there pockets? You fight them and you keep fighting them until they exhaust there finds to buy more gold and you keep going you capture there land and you smile, knowing that you just cost someone lots of money, even though them spending the money was utterly useless to them. I just like fighting gold players for the fun of costing them gold that could be better put into different rounds and Ofc the fact that I like to see there money drain :))
    • Well, speaking from a point of a somewhat seasoned forums user, This topic has been a discussion of great debate. Many of the veteran forum users will argue with you all day about the benefits of not having a gold cap. However, Bytro has always shut these kinds of forums down.
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    • I previously made some snarky comments about GOLD use. I don't totally condemn using it and never really bothered me 2 current games the GOLD spammers are so ridiculous that it's not even worth staying in the game. I guess the satisfaction of costing someone much more than they'll ever get in payout might suffice. But it is disheartening to put that much effort into a map to have someone suddenly SPEW units from every city they have capped in every corner of the map after they have re-built whole cities in 3 minutes. time.
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      And maybe the price of gold is too low... I mean you can buy 120,000 Gold for about 20 EUR. For 120,000 Gold you can buy plenty of development, units, etc.... so it does not really cost a lot to destroy any of your neighbor.

      decrease research time with 12 hour costs 1700 gold
      decrease building time of a structure or unit with 12 hours costs 850 Gold

      So creating condition for a tactical bomber creation: 1 IC + lvl2 Airport: 2 days+0,75 days+2 days= 4,75 days=8075 Gold
      One further IC lvl needs 30 hours - 1275 Gold
      1 tac bombers 30hours with IC lvl1 and 15hours with IC lvl5 2124-1062 Gold So 20 tac bombers needs around 30,000 Gold.

      Material is not an issue you can buy 5000 units of ressource for 0,5 Gold...
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      I believe price of gold is to low also, since if Bytro already has loyal gold customers who will definitely buy gold, they can raise the price. Even though this may discourage players from buying gold, but it can generate a larger revenue due to the loyal ones still paying for it. This way, there can be benefits for Bytro and the community, such as:

      1. Recognize loyal customers. By raising the price, the people that are left will be Bytro's loyal customers, and Bytro can make them happy with less demands.
      2. Higher revenue. As mentioned, the loyal customers will probably be still buying similar amts of gold, so Bytro can earn more money from the gold
      3. Less goldspenders. This doesn't really help Bytro, but it makes the players as a whole happy since they won't be as likely to be in the same game as goldspenders, and therefore will have less complaints regarding gold.
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      "Giving up is not an option in war, for it proves one's incapability and incompetence as a leader." - Me (Little Racoon)