your 10 most useful units (part 1)

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    • your 10 most useful units (part 1)

      Call of War is full of different troops to research and make but their are certain units you must need to attack or defend. I will be looking at your 10 most important units. these troops you MUST research to win and will become very useful as you play:
      1. infantry: infantry are your most important unit. they are most vital and have no disadvantage. they come in handy when taking mountains and cities because more advanced units like tanks have lower HP in cities and mountains. it is a good idea to keep infantry in your difficult terrains because if someone attacks with tanks, you have a chance at winning.
      2. light tanks: light tanks are vital for taking over a map. light tanks have faster speed then infantry and are also stronger than infantry. they come in handy when attacking plains (and defending) and hills for their superb fire power. however are useless in cities. if you are defending your capital, put you tanks in surrounding provinces. this will catch the enemy outside the city and not be able to reach your capital.
      3. artillery: artillery come very useful in attacking provinces. they are great for beginning an attack. best used before an attack because they can clear away troops in your way without taking casualties. one common mistake is leaving your artillery undefended. AI countries will sometimes charge troops at you when using artillery and they are weak at defending so make sure to have spare units by them. artillery has no disadvantage except in mountains so they are good to put in key cities. while tanks battle outside, your artillery can fire inside the city into the neighborhood provinces. artillery are also good behind enemy lines where enemy troops will have to break through to attack them.
      4. Anti-Air: what I like about anti-air is that you can use it in stacks attacking units. since it is used against planes, it has no attack- defense level when on front lines. their are two main uses for them. the first is to block air raids on key cities. some people use strategic bombing to destroy buildings. I have never found this efficient especially late in the war when most buildings are highly upgraded and have high hit points. I say just invade him to stop producing troops. the second is to protect stacks of units. Tactical Bombers are a constant threat and can easily wipe out a stack (I had that happen to me once). Anti-Air comes in use to stop the attack of planes, however they are useless against ground units. they only have a disadvantage on mountains (which make no sense since they are on top of a mountain and are closer to the sky).
      5. submarines: these units come in handy for if you border the sea. units can come in and land on your shore but with submarines you can attack them before they land. their are 2 ways to escort transports: the wrong way and the right way.the wrong way is to have your ships go ahead of the transports. all this does is play follow-the -leader with your transports. submarines can not attack the ships but then attack the transports and since they are undefended, they sink. Naval Bombers can also attack your transports and fly right over you ships. the right way is to combine the 2 meaning that you would have to destroy the battleships to sink the convoy. many people also just not defend convoys. this is where subs really come in. they can sink lightly defended convoys before they even reach the sign of land.

      this is part 1. part 2 will come when I have more motivation to do it. it will cover 6-10. what did you think so far? unit I missed? one on here that isin't useful? tell me in the replies.
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      Ok - I see you're only 13 yo. Don't get addicted to coffee - like some of us. :S
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    • abdoer wrote:

      i really think that commandos are the best to make in the capital
      It's the only place to make them.
      If you research Commando - then why would you make something else.
      "Es gibt keine verzweifelten Lagen, es gibt nur verzweifelte Menschen" - There are no desperate situations, there are only desperate people.
      Heinz Guderian (Schneller Heinz) German WWII general and tank commander, theorist of tank combat and father of the blitzkrieg.
    • abdoer wrote:

      i really think that commandos are the best to make in the capital
      commandos are good for cites but your goal is not to have your cities fall. commandos aren't as good in plains and plus they take a long time to move from the capital to another city.
      also, commandos are the best in mountains, not cities

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    • Little Racoon wrote:

      (I don't really use battleships)
      Rocky, just for fun, try a stack of four BBs with 4 to 8 DD squadrons as escorts. The BBs -- especially the higher level BBs -- make great seagoing artillery. Check out the anti-ground unit stats of the L5, L6 and L7 BBs, and the BBNs are even better. If your opponent has large numbers of units in coastal provinces, you can clean out dozens of enemy units over night while your opponent is asleep.

      BBs, when properly stacked and properly used, can make an awesome weapon. That said, on the 22-player map and smaller maps, BBs are usually a misallocation of scarce resources, because the game is usually over so quickly (~30 days) that you don't have to invest the resources and reap the benefits.
    • MontanaBB, I'll admit that higher level BB's are pretty good sea-going artillery. However, they are resource intensive, they take a long time to research/build, and unless you are willing to commit to losing Oil production (Unless you have a Oil producing province with your Lvl 3 shipyard) I've found that typically they are not worth all of the above. In terms of defense against, I've found Railguns to be a nice little countermeasure when enemy BB's begin prowling the coast. It comes down to trade-offs. I personally don't find them economically worth any return until very late in some of the longer games, hence I don't spend resources on researching/producing, until MUCH later in a game cycle. YMMV.


    • IMO effective use of a Navy can be a game changer. Though perhaps the most difficult military branch to master, can be extremely dangerous to unsuspecting or unprepared enemies. I.e. I'm currently in a 100/pp round and one stack of 5d/3c/2bb, has taken out almost 60 (90% land) enemy units in three days. Yes, they are very needy with maintenance and resource allocation; but they have proven time and time again how valuable they are. However, it takes time to figure out the best mix and for what purpose.
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    • @Tarntootaine: Here's the rub: I rarely research BBs on the 22-player map and the other smaller maps. The games are over too quickly to justify the investment of resources, which are usually better used elsewhere. And that already assumes that my style of play emphasizes maximum resource production and minimal casualties, which means I usually have more oil than anyone else in the game, and the BBs are no worse gas hogs than heavy tank brigades (which I never use), or an extra 5-squadron wing of tactical bombers. It's all about balancing the mix of your forces for maximum effect.

      Even on the bigger maps (which usually yield longer games), where BBs are worth the investment of resources, my personal problem is working them into my 24/7 research schedule, which is already full without BBs and CVs in the queue. On maps like the 50-player Pacific, where BBs can be critical and CVs can be strategically useful, I've reconciled myself to the fact that I may have to spend 5,000 to 7,500 gold units to work BBs and CVs into my research schedule. The return on a 4-unit BB stack can be high, especially when you use them to hoover up an enemy's ground units in coastal provinces on the big maps. And a stack of 4 BBNs can be absolutely devastating when used in this role.

      Using BBs primarily for massed sea battles is kinda dumb, particularly when rookies use them for melee combat (i.e. combat with direct contact between unit stacks) -- that usually results in the loss of escorts and even the expensive BB themselves. BBs, like arty, are ranged weapons that can kill enemy units without taking damage themselves, but that requires you to keep their research current to maintain their ranged advantage. And like arty, it requires you to adopt "shoot-and-scoot" tactics to avoid or minimize damage to your BBs and their escorts. When artfully employed, "shoot-and-scoot" tactics can frustrate your opponents and drive them absolutely bonkers. In the end analysis, smart players who minimize their own casualties while maximizing their opponent's losses, usually win, and BBs can be a part of that strategy in some games on some maps. But BBs do not make sense in all games.
    • My personal favourite combo is arty, light tanks, tactical air and subs.

      Subs are great for destroying undefended convoys
      Light tanks are fast..put them in a stack with some infantry
      Arty just behind
      Tactical air is great..

      I also like BB but only on big maps..also railroad guns are nice.

      Apart from that I don't really have any other advice..apart from military sabotage agents sometimes can be the best unit..
    • on bigger maps, the best ground unit by far is mechanized infantry. Much like BBs, they are expensive, take a lot of research and need a strong economy to build them, as you have to have level 3 barracks, but they are devastating in their effectiveness. think of them as a medium tank that is as fast as a light tank, and doesnt lose strength in urban provinces, and think of them as towing an aa behind them, as they are also very good in their anti air ability.
    • The big disadvantage of BB's is that they are "linear" in most areas - meaning, they can sail up the coast and down the coast, and nothing else (yeah there are exceptions like the SW Pacific, but they are rare). As soon as tac-4 bombers becomes available, CV's are much better because they can operate several provinces inland; AND their planes can be transferred to land airbases as soon as a bridgehead is secured to operate even further on the target continent.

      This suppose enough support ships to deal with enemy fleets of course, but subs and destroyers are usually quite sufficient for that.
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    • @MontanaBB, It's been my experieence that in the larger maps (especially in the Pacific) BB's can be a part of a useful mix. I tend to maximize resource production early and often, and typically will not be sitting on mroe than about 50K or so of cash, especially in the early rounds. CV's screened by CA's and DD's with Subs out as long range scouts are my preferred naval units. I don't disagree that a stack of BB's can be very useful, but I've rarely found the resources needed to b research/build to be worth more than putting them elsewhere. As I stated, YMMV. I've had 1 game where the need to build a large number of BB's was warranted, and I actually stopped building the Convential and stuck wit the nucleur ones instead.