New tutorial map now LIVE!

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    • New tutorial map now LIVE!

      Welcoming new players and making the Call of War community grow is one of our main concerns. Having an active community results into active and enjoyable game rounds, but especially for new players it can be quite challenging to grasp all the aspects and the strategic depth that Call of War has to offer. Diplomacy and managing your economy, for example, is a core element of the game, but new players barely get in touch with these features in their first session. Therefore we decided to adjust the current tutorial to make it easier for new players to understand and interact with the game.
      The new tutorial map will be available for all players. We also encourage experienced players to take initiative and help new players by sharing some tips and tricks. Furthermore, tutorial maps will not only be played with two times speed but also with a 50% reduced attack timer which will allow new players to use all core features of the game and interact more with the game in the beginning to discover different core functionalities and strategies. To make use of these faster timers additional units have been added to the already existing stacks for each general.

      Please keep in mind that we are currently testing this new tutorial and that there is a chance that this map will not be available anymore at some point, this means running game rounds will continue until a winner has been determined, but there won’t be new rounds created.

      Details about the new tutorial map:

      • The map size has been reduced by 25%.
      • The map is being played on two times speed.
      • Start resources are increased by 25% for all players and a minor resource production boost has been applied.
      • All players have equally balanced resource production.
      • Two out of the five urban provinces have double production of a random resource.
      • Every player has the following armies available at start: 30x Infantry, 2x Interceptor, 6x Armored Car, 3x Artillery, 3x Light Tank, 2x Submarine, 1 Tactical Bomber, 2x Destroyer, 5x Anti-Air, 5x Anti-Tank.

      Your Call of War Team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • Today we will deploy a small update with the follow fixes:

      - Coalition chat is shown again
      - When clicking on the flag of a player in the province information the diplomacy will open again
      - We fixed that water and terrain on the 100 player map was missing
      - We fixed a display error of the attack range of units while giving an order
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • wow. I should delete my account again and join with a new account to see the turtorial round. (heh heh Vorlon).
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    • @25 mike - any specific suggestions instead of going back to the old one? We all know there is not turning back now.
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