Announcement O’zapft is!

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    • O’zapft is!

      Dear generals,

      Music, laughter, food and beer: The Oktoberfest is here.
      To celebrate this German Volksfest we will host speed maps over several days. We may not be able to offer you liters of beer, but we can surely provide you with a lot of fun, awesome action and sleepless nights. Put on some Volksmusik and try your best to earn double winning rewards for solo and coalition victories. Additionally the event does not have any minimum rank restriction, all players are welcome to join!
      • sign-up period: (2018/09/28, 11 AM CEST - 2018/10/08, 11 AM CEST)
      • 4x speed
      • starts-when-full
      • random country selection
      • players flagged as inactive after 48 real-life hours
      • AI & human player peace period of 24 real-life hours
      • fixed runtime of 14 real life days after the game started (if not won earlier)

      Also, we will have a special offer for you on one of the event days to add some Gold to your belongings during the event, so don’t forget to log in daily to not miss out.

      You Call of War team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Community Manager
      Bytro Labs GmbH