Supremacy Features that would be Very Nice in COW

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    • Supremacy Features that would be Very Nice in COW

      I was playing some Supremacy 1914 the other day and I realized how many great ideas the game had. I was quite surprised to see little to no forum posts about this.

      Supremacy's great ideas that should be implemented into Call of War:

      1. Country and leader appearance.
      When I was exploring the game, I found probably my personal favorite feature. This feature gave you the ability to change your country flag, change your position in government (president, prime minister, king, etc.), and change your own name.

      2. Attractive 3D Cities.
      When clicking on a city or town, a 3d version of the town will be shown on screen. It gives you a visualization of what the city looks like up close. I feel like this feature is not very important but it does add a sense of immersion.

      3. A.I. Random Trades
      When I went to check my mailbox for messages, I was surprised to find a message from an A.I. player. The A.I. traded me an armored car for "Gold Marks". I feel like this feature would give A.I. more of a human feeling if you know what I mean. Again this feature is not as interesting as the first one, but it is one that will spice up game play a bit.

      4. Inviting Friends to a Server.
      When you press the diplomacy button, you can view all of the active and inactive countries. Any country that is not owned by a real player can be used as a spot for a friend. When you invite a friend, you get Gold Marks.

      These are only 4 ideas from the game Supremacy 1914, but i'm sure there's much more. I would like to see these features added into the game, I feel like these features will add more realistic and role-playing elements into the game.

      Here are some pictures:
      Screenshot 2018-10-02 at 8.27.52 PM - Display 1.pngScreenshot 2018-10-02 at 8.41.45 PM - Display 1.png
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    • I personally don't want the changing flag or title, since it would be less historically accurate, but I do want AI trades, because this can help you when you're in need, as opposed to COW now where you either buy it from the market or trade with an active player.
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    • The AI trades annoyed me. The AI wants to sell me an armored car for 3750 Gold or something equally overpriced, lol.

      The "spin the wheel" for random prizes every day was fun though, since the prizes could be gold or High Command. I actually spent a fair bit of my gold on more spins trying to win High Command.
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    • I think that an edited version of AI trading would be great, especially in Historical. You could propose a trade and the AI would decide much like it decides to change relation, basically it's previous experience with you, your reputation and the risk of giving armies or resources to you. This would make it so much better when an AI sits on a big food producer in Historical (like Danzig) but you don;t want to attack.