[RPU] 1925 Onwards: Flames of War Roleplay

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    • In-Game Name: Michael S. Frederick
      Discord name & number: GOON3Y #2006
      Have you read the game info (Y/N) Yes
      Do you understand and accept all rules? (Y/N) Yes
      Top 3 Nations Requested: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan
      Your sample article:


      As a result of the suppresion of ethic Russians in Ukraine, Minister Michael S. Frederick of the Soviet Union declares war on Ukraine. As Russian T-34’s race across the border Ukraine scrambles to ready their troops. Bombs burst, rounds fly, and who knows where the new border will lye.
    • In-Game Name: SavageInkster
      Discord name & number: -HokagePandSage-#
      Have you read the game info (Y/N) Y
      Do you understand and accept all rules? (Y/N) Y
      Top 3 Nations Requested: Peru, Nationalist Spain, Ukraine
      Your sample article:

      It's a act of WAR!

      As Nationalist Spain gets help from his fellow Fascists nations in Eastern Europe and some of western, the rise of power the ultranationalism used characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy. The Republic was the legal and democratically elected government, but were prevented from buying weapons. The Nationalists also had a lot of Moroccan troops... what could happen if time runs out.