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      I'm in a coalition of 5 and we are approaching endgame, but I don't want to stab my coalition mates in the back, especially after all the work, time and cooperation we've had with each other ;( . I've only once gotten to the end of a game once before and it was through retiring. Can only 3 people "win" the game?
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      A coalition will win the game together when they conquer 80% of the points on the map.

      Since your coalition is 5, I assume you mean a 100 player map.

      Check the "game info" section of the newspaper, and it will list the winning requirements. I am not in a 100 map at the moment, but I think it is either:

      3363 points by one single player


      4485 points by a coalition

      and that will trigger the win.

      If the win is triggered by the coalition reaching the required points, then each member of the coalition shares an equal reward, which is outlined in the "rewards" section of the newspaper.
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