Announcement Name Changer and Shop Improvements

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    • Name Changer and Shop Improvements

      Dear generals,

      today we not only have a new update with some bug fixes and an exciting new feature, but also some shop related information to share. In the upcoming weeks some you will notice that the payment providers we offered will change. After looking into new and better options to provide a fast and secure way to process shop transactions we joined forces with Goodgame Studios. The shop will still look the same, but you will see some new payment methods while old ones have been removed. We are confident that there is still a wide range of different payment providers, which every player is able to choose from. Please keep in mind that if you selected fast check-out options (for example for Paypal) you may have to enter your details again. If you encounter any problems feel free to send a support ticket. This change will take some time until it is going to be available for every single player.

      With our last update we implemented auto generated usernames for mobile users to make it easier for new players to take a look at our game. At the same time we do not want to force a name upon our players, which they do not like, therefore every user in our Call of War community will be able to change their name for free. Keep in mind, this option is only available once. The option to change the username can be found in the account settings. It also may take up to one hour until the name is updated in all games, rankings etc.

      Further improvements and bug fixes:

      • The newspaper no longer shows the same coalition flag for every player in the game round.
      • All mountains are now displayed correctly on the 100 player world map while using the WebGL renderer.
      • Victory points will be displayed correctly while using WebGL.
      • We had cases where units could not be selected on the world map. This should not happen anymore.
      • We added some map improvements regarding historical correctness on the historical world map, which will apply for new game rounds
      • mobile: The alliance details menu is scrollable again.
      • mobile: The text won’t automatically resize anymore on some Android devices.
      • mobile: Joining back into a game round that was already loaded works again without problems.
      We hope you like this update! Feel free to give us feedback in the forums.

      Your Call of War team.
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • thUnderdog78 wrote:

      Thanks for the update, it looks so good on my phone as that’s 95% of what I play on. But is there anyway to fix the notch for my iPhone X Max? It just cuts the resources off.

      Please and thank you... newbie loving what you have done!!
      Thank you for your feedback. You should of course be able to see your resources so I forwarded the issue. Happy you enjoy the game! :)
      Could you by any chance make a screenshot where we can see how exactly the bar is cut off for you?
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • I must be the outlier. The game works fine on my PC browser, but the app for my iPad is a disaster. The app restarts whenever I select an item (diplomacy, market, etc), the app crashes and restarts whenever I select an action and sometimes it just restarts when I do nothing. Sometimes when it restarts, it doesn’t come back, it just stays a blank white screen). I tried switching to Safari which was tolerable (I just would get a message that there is an error on the page) but now the site won’t load at all. I just get a blank white screen. I have tried closing the app and even deleting it and adding it back in from the App Store with no change. Ever since this patch the game on my iPad is just about worthless.
    • OleRebel wrote:

      Device: apple ipad: mp2f2lla
      Are you running iOS 11.x.x or 12.0.1?
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    • For me, this happens in game 2483997, a Frontline Pioneer game. It rarely happens in my regular game 2509189. Thus, I suspect it's a problem with the FP game specifically. I'm using an iPhone 7 Plus with IOS 11.4.1.

      P.S. I happens when I try to take some action: move a unit, start building something in a city, click on the provinces tab, etc. It seems to be event triggered as it doesn't just happen if I'm staring at the screen.