• i remember when this game was about skill no coining , i remember the game 1918 , which started this all off , now 10 yrs later it a shame and disgrace what this game has become a shameful entitled waste of time and money , wxample a 100 player game i joined as the 2 day inactive period ended over half the game went inactive, same on a smaller game of call of war , i. it a shame it become greedy gold driven game instead of skill and stargery , now you got one person on day one got all 5 everything , . but the designers dont care , all they care is you spend , it shameful that players no longer have skill , cant fill a game up without puter players , it sad day as this my 5th account , and . now i just dont care and quitting forever , as this game has been destroyed over greed , here some suggestions , make a non coiner server give those who wish to have a long fighting war fight ,instead logging in 2 hrs after start to see to dudes drop hundreds od dollars to win a game that you cant get what you put into it*. 2 speed the game up as it too slow and boring , . 3 stop offering gold everyday other day go back to make the coiners fight the coiners. let the rest have a good fun game that fair to all
      signing off now patton :wallbash