1933 Roleplay

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    • 1933 Roleplay

      1. The starting year is 1933, Germany are having a political change and still suffers from the treaty of Versailles. France's economy is also under threat and in Italy fascism has risen and shaken the country. Meanwhile in the rest of the world tensions are rising as colonies and dominions wants independence. Nations are preparing for war meanwhile new political changes are changing the politics world wide. Take control over your nation and make your people happy and strengthen your borders.

      Follow every rule we've put up, we've made them to ensure that the RP will be able to function correctly. If you can not abide the the rules then don't join. The rules will be in the bottom of this forum. Here is a link to our discord which we'd like you to join for password and ID. The rules will also be able to read on the discord


      Nations avaible:

      Soviet union
      France - taken
      Italy - taken

      War Rules
      Every war, includes vs. AI and Player, must be reasonable in articles.There must be articles written at least 2 days (min 1 day)before the war can declared.We want to avoid that people attack all AI around them to grab the provinces to get bigger. That`s not a part of RP, this is playing to win.
      If major provinces is taken from you by an enemy or you lose the capital you are forced to surrender the war

      One article per day wanted (don’t use them for spamming, neither chatting)
      No war without reasonable articles (watch below)• Surrender must be accepted at any time (fair conditions)• Inactive Player gonna kicked
      Fairplay (no multi-account etc.)
      no gold usage
      what was the second rule? (Put in application)

      No transfer of Match ID + PW_
      • If you don’t want to write, don’t play RP
      • If you got no time to write, don’t play RP
      • If you sometimes got no time to write, that’s totally fine. We all got a real-life too.
      • If you don’t know, what to write, please ask somebody “outplay” to help you (Better this way instead of doing nothing).
      • Try to put some work in articles (means that you try to give your best if you write, don’t write such crap like “A plane flew over my region. I declare war.”
      Must be in Article:
      • Reasons for war (observe the time)
      • Disputes between Players (Give others the chance to intervene)
      • Trades between Player must be announced (can be a part of a bigger Article)