MIssing in Game money when Trade Posted to Market

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    • MIssing in Game money when Trade Posted to Market

      Hello my Friends, I have come across a small problem in game 2,487,609 I have made a trade to the general global trade center (Market) for around 150k worth of Supplies (15k or so) then once i posted it... the money and the deal both disappeared. Once it had that happened I reloaded the page several time closed the tab reopened it, still it was gone, then i put up and order for 60K of supplies, hoping they would return, and the same thing happened, i have no clue what is going on or what to do. I I'm out 210K and in this game this might cost me either the game or a very serious draw back. Any help here would be greatly appreciated thank you. BTW I'm Canada in game 2,487,609.
    • When you place an order on the market your money is held by the marketplace until such time as the order is filled by another player (or an AI player) The official term for this is "escrow" which guarantees that the money is available when the deal is completed.

      Of course orders may sit on the board for some time until completed, and your money sits there waiting.

      You can cancel these orders by looking in the "my trades" section of the market.

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