1939 Alt History RP: Road to War

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    • 1939 Alt History RP: Road to War

      1939 Alt History RP:Road to War

      The Date is January 1939. The German Reich has just violated the Munich Agreement by occupying the rest of Czechoslovakia and has now turned its attentions eastwards towards Poland. The Allies wait for Germany's next move and are infuriated by the occupying of the rest of Czechoslovakia. The war in China rages as on as Japan makes significant progress in capturing coastal Provinces. However the USA embargoment of oil increases their oil deficit as they look towards other options. The Soviet Union prepares for territorial occupation after the Great Purge reaches a closing point. The world seems to be at a breaking point and another event could send it into chaos. What will happen next? The choice is yours

      This will be a Roleplay set in the year 1939 on the Historical WW2 Map
      You will need to be Level 17 or above to join
      You will need some RP Experience
      You will need Discord as thats where a lot of RP will happen
      Rules can be found on Discord discord.gg/SxEwc2R

      Nations List:
      (MA) Major Nation
      (MI) Minor Nation
      (P) Puppet/Dominion

      North America:
      (P) Dominion of Canada (British Dominion)
      (MA) United States of America
      (MI) Mexico

      South America:
      (MN) Brazil
      (MN) Argentina

      (MA) Japanese Empire
      (MA) Soviet Union
      (MI) China
      (MI) Mongolia
      (MI) Xingjiang
      (MI) Tibet
      (MI) Persia
      (P) British India (British Puppet)
      (P) Manchukuo (Japanese Puppet)

      (MA) German Reich
      (MA) French Republic
      (MA) United Kingdom
      (MA) Kingdom of Italy
      (MI) Nationalist Spain
      (MI) Kingdom of Sweden
      (MI) Kingdom of Romania
      (MI) Kingdom of Yugoslavia
      (MI) Republic of Turkey

      (P) Australia (British Dominion)

      How to Apply

      COW Name
      Your desired nation
      Do you have Discord
      if you do Discord Name