Best way to utilize artillery?

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    • Best way to utilize artillery?

      So, I've had this question for a while, Even though I have been playing for almost 4 years now, I still understand very little about combat outside of infantry, tanks, and Air. The biggest thing I have been wondering about is Artillery, What the hell do I use it for? Here is a list of what I currently do with it:

      • blow up stuff (duh)
      • Keep it in the rear during an infantry attack
      • Use it ahead of the infantry to soften stuff up
      • leave it in the province it was built in because I don't see a use for it

      Idk what I should use it for, or how it's supposed to be used, or just anything about it. It would be nice if someone with experience using artillery could explain how it works and how I should use it in my strategies, which is large amounts of infantry, militia, light tanks, medium tanks, interceptors, and tactical bombers.
    • Right use of arty can be the mach winner. It is good for both attack and defence. I use it a lot, just merge it with other units and when i go to attack with all units I come close enough to enemy units that arty can hit it. If the enemy send nits to kill it, i split rest of units in front of arty, so enemy fight with infantry and tanks while my arty hits them from distance. Similar in defence, if someone attacks me i split arty and put it behind rest of units. Arty is sensitive to planes even only fighters , so I never leave it without AA guns. I think that you need to have stocks about 5-10 arty for best effect, Also arty should always be behind other units, because it is weak in defence, almost every other unit will kill it in direct clash. Since you were playing this game for 4 years i guess you already knew all of this, but i decided to write it anyway :)
      "Then, when you run out of ammunition and the enemy continues to advance - to the bayonet, when they break your knife - to your hands, when they break both of your hands - to your teeth, when you get the last tooth knocked out, as long as you move, as long you are there - attack! When they mortally wound you, see to it that you fall in their way, so they have to go around you, jump over you or move you - bother them even in death!" speech of lieutenant Tasic before battle of Cer 1914.
    • 1) Artillery is good for both attack and defense because it can fire from a distance. It can hit and run. It will tear up stacks that don't have artillery.
      2) ATTACK: Artillery is also good for attacking units in fortifications. Fortifications give defenders a bonus. So, it is often useful to reduce the condition of the defending forces before attacking fortications with melee units.
      3) DEFENSE: a) if the enemy doesn't have as much artillery, it gives you an advantage.
      b) If you are defending from a core province controlled by you get a 15% home advantage. It isn't a lot but it helps.
      c) With superior artillery you can often hold off a larger stack.
      4) If the enemy doesn't have any artillery, it gives you an advantage.

      As Patriota said, you want to protect art with AA.