Fix the Artillery issue

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    • Fix the Artillery issue

      WHY my defense of 2 infantry and 2 artillery got ROLLED by 2 infantry and 2 AA guns both tech 1. I asked how the enemy could survive a bombardment for and hour and a half march with almost NO damage taken, and why my artillery could NOT fire more than once an hour..

      For real though... I understand Balance, but me losing me regions where I have a defensive bonus to AA guns?!? I have to ask what kind of BS that is...

      If I sent aircraft at AA guns, I would expect Heavy casualties, just like if I sent light tank against Anti tank. so I would expect that if an ENEMY is dumb enough to send 2 AA guns and 2 infantry at MY Fortified Region defended with the same 2 infantry with 2 Artillery that Bombard those enemy the whole duration, that he would sustain heavy casualties just the same for sending troops that are NOT suited for the task... but instead I lost all those regions defended in that manner to Troops NOT of the type for a siege.

      just a couple concerns from an ACTUAL tactician, seeing as how things are said to be done for the reasons of Balance ?(

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    • First, your artillery should be behind your front line by the time the enemy hits your front line. That way you should get a number of volleys at the enemy.
      If artillery isn't in your front line and your front line is stationary, you will get defenisve fire unless you attack (which in this case you shouldn't).
      Defensive stats for infantry are better than for attack.
    • Right... so how did my STATIONARY infantry on MY region with artillery support; my 2 plus 2; lose to his 2 infantry with 2 AA guns? I have a Defensive bonus for region control, plus like you said def bonus for infantry defending, plus artillery Shelling the enemy for the duration of the incoming march...

      they took almost ZERO dmg from my bombardment on their hour and a half march. THAT is not Balance from an artillery standpoint. Real artillery would DUMP on ANY head on march that DOESNT have the right types for the siege.

      I would expect losses of my defenses if say he hit with bombers or artillery of his own, or even tanks... but it was 2 vs 2 infantry, mine with ALL the bonuses, leaving 2 artys against his 2 AA guns. point is NONE of his troops should have even made it to my defenses practically unscathed from an hour and a half of bombardment.
    • All units fire once per hour with the exception of planes on patrol which attack every 15mins at 25% power.
      Artillery has crap for defense value so if they were stacked with your infantry they would die fast.
      Never mentioned is the level of units involved which can make a difference.
      Also just before his units attacked yours he could have healed them with ‘special powers’ bringing them back to 100%.
    • ReaperofSolz, please do not be so mad over such a small matter. In later games, you will face much worse. *koff**koff*
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