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      I've played a fair number of games over the past 3 years, close to 200 now. During that, I have on occasion played Bytro staffers or CoW moderators. However, I was never told of this status by the players in question. Either other players told me, or else I could see function tags on various public chats. These players always congratulated me on a good fight, whether they won or lost.

      I was surprised, in a recent alliance challenge against an Italian team, when the following happened. Unfortunately, there was a disagreement on the use of gold, we were accused of it when we started winning, they then started using it, etc. etc. In an attempt to communicate about this between team captains, rather than publicly in the paper, I was most surprised to encounter the following:

      Just how wrong I was, according to the other player, was emphasised by the fact that he was not just a moderator, but a high level Bytro staffer, and I was lucky he wasn't going to make work of me from that capacity, and just wanted to concentrate on the game.

      This implied threat led me to inform my alliance partners that if my account were suspended, it had nothing to do with them.

      Regardless who was right or wrong in this argument about a game, surely the fact that one of those involved claims to be a high level Bytro staffer is completely irrelevant?
    • I guess first, are you sure he was a high level staffer? I have played with people who tried that to get people to lay off them. Nothing ever came of it so either they were full of crap or they never intended to do something anyhow.

      If this was a high level staffer then you should find someone who is higher and report it. That is a sure fire way to kill this game and more importantly to them, kill people from spending gold.

      As for gold spending, I just don't get it. Yes its in the game and yes it does tend to make it more in favor of the user. However, I have never seen the point in getting upset over it. If its once in awhile to pump morale of a city when taken or something like that, then I don't see the point in getting upset. If all of a sudden six battleships appear in port then yeah I am out of that map faster than France seeing German tanks come over the ridge.
    • I don't understand exactly.

      if you want a challenge with no gold between 2 alliance, you have the world alliance championship. No other way.

      "I'm a high level staffer"... you'r kidding, when a staffer are playing they can't use their position to have a greater impact on your mind. When a staffer play, it's a player like you.

      If you have a screenshot, report him. No other way.

      Ps: he can say you i'm a staffer but not use of it.
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    • Staff members are not allowed to use their powers in this manner. When participating in a game they are equal to any other player and have no special abilities.

      I expect that player is NOT a staff member, same as every time I have investigated a similar message.

      Please report that message or article from within the game and I or one of my Game Operators will investigate.
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