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      Actually I'm a french player, but I think there is the same problem with English players.

      ( /!\ HERE, I AM TALKING ONLY ( except when I precise it) ABOUT TANKS /!\ )

      This is not about gameplay changes or anything like that, but from where I stand, and I'm sorry for the dev team, the historical accuracy of the name when you compare the name to the picture and the design of the unit is nearly awful. And I know a lot about tanks so this really bothers me.
      Let me give you some exemples :

      Soviet Union :

      - The picture of the level 1 light soviet tank is supposed to be the " BT2 " but actually this is a picture of a " MS-1 " which is logic as a level 1 but then don't call it " BT2 ".

      - The level 3 meduim tank for the soviet Union is the Kv1-b, this is absolutely not a meduim tank, you could just put the T-34 as the level 3 meduim tank and put the T-34-85 as the level 4 because it's the historical order of production.

      - The all Soviet Union tech tree for the heavy tank is represented by an IS-3, I don't understand this one, you have the design of the IS-3, then why did you named the last tank of this tree "IS-3" and put a picture of an "IS" ??? You knew what the IS-3 looked like so why this picture ?....

      Ally ( I call this like that because it's a big mess, where french, british and US have the same tech tree ) :

      - Well again I'm confused... the all tank tech tree is about US tanks, but you put the design of the " Churchill " ( a typical british tank ) as the heavy tree but every single heavy tank in the tree is still American.... why ? You could say that this is to represent the other nation, but then why there is no french tanks ?

      - This one is funny, for the light tank level 4 you named it " M24 Chaffee " ( an US light tank ) but then ! You put a picture of the T-60 soviet tank ! What is that ?? Even if you type M-24 Chaffee on the internet there is no way you could see a picture of a T-60.

      Germany :

      This tech tree is pretty good, there is just one detail but not very important,

      - Why did you put the Leopard 1 as the end tank of the medium tree ? This is a modern tank ( if the look at the picture ) and I don't really understand why put this one and not another Panther but it's okay.

      - Another thing that I noticed, is that the picture of the level 2 tank is absolutely not the picture of a Lowe but a VK.72.01K, a prototype that was never produce. ( I am aware that the Lowe was never produce either but still, this is not the correct picture ).

      To conclude all of this,this is just some exemples, and mostly about tanks because it's what I know best but i'm sure there is other problem that need to be change. I understand that some choices are here to make the dev's life easier, that is is not really accurate because it wasn't the top one priority etc... I can understand there is no problem, but you need to fix this one day, I think is important to make the game more serious.

      Last but not least, because it's simple to just criticize, I want to offer my help to the developper team ( not as a Job ) to help them correcting ( if they want ) all of this, I could send some " pdf " with description about tanks, say if they are light, medium or heavy tanks what nation and add picture ( I could alos make the translation between french and English ), you can contact me if you are interested.

      Sorry if my English is not perfect, this isn't my native language at all.
      Have a good day.
    • This is already on the list of improvements planned for the future. Naturally this is a fairly involved project so it won't happen overnight.
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