• Unfortunately, no.
      There is no Order of Battle Menu.
      Tediously tabbing thru each unit, using the arrow keys, and making quick pencil notations is the best available.
      There are no scales on the maps, or mensuration tools.

      The warfighters are pretty much left to their own devices, whilst the builders, spymongers, and chatbabies all enjoy their own menus.
    • You can get a rough idea by selecting all of your units at once.

      If you zoom out fairly far, and then double click one of your groups it will select ALL of the units of that type in view. Then hold down Ctrl and double click another unit type if you want to include them also. By repeating this process you can eventually get all unit types selected in a single group, albeit with a slight margin for human error when you are selecting.

      So you will get an inventory that looks like this:

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