Unit Expansions/ Variations

    • Unit Expansions/ Variations

      Just wanted to see if anyone else thought that Unit Expansions or more Variations should be added to the game?
      Marines, Paratroopers, Tank Variation, Armored Vehicle Variation, Transport options, etc.

      Infantry types such as, Riflemen, Machine gunners, Officers, Mortar teams, etc.

      This is just an idea that came to mind, and I think it would add a great amount of aesthetic to the game, and make it much more interesting.
    • Hello fellow player,

      I have seen this kind of post before and a player then, I think rightfully so, responded with the following:

      Call of War has units on regiment and division level, the infantry units you propose are to small scale (teams consist of around 8 soldiers). Infantry as they are now are thought of as having all the units you mentioned in them. Making units smaller would shift the way the game is played now because it requires a different governing level. I do not feel for officers and such since there is no way to target them.

      Paratroopers have been a much debated issue ever since the game was launced, I for one do not see how it could be implemented without ruining the game.

      The game is constantly modified and balanced by the moderators and developers. New units are a tricky thing and need to balance out with the rest om the game as it is right now. Look around the forum to see some of the proposals made by you peers.

      Kind regards,