Call of War - Advanced Tips & Tricks Part 1

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    • Call of War - Advanced Tips & Tricks Part 1

      I made a video a few months ago about some tips and tricks, since it didn't get that many views, I figured that more people would see it here to get better at the game.
      Hopefully it can also attract more players to the game, when they see how detailed it can actually be.


      Sorry if this violates the forum rules, I couldn't find specific ones for this topic thread.

      Also if you have any advice or tips, feel free to reply, I will take it in consideration for the next one.
    • Here's some tip you could put for part 2:
      There's a "dot" on large bodies of water that serves a way point for naval transport. It's best to station your naval unit to at this "dot" for an easier blockade.
      Use lone Armored car and Light Tank to capture undefended province, if you know most of them are undefended, set several way points to capture them quickly.
      There is a daily reset timer, look in the newspaper > game info, rebellion, spy reports and morale change occur during the reset, if you can capture an enemy capital city and have a large amount of province just captured for the day, capture it shortly before the reset to prevent rebels easily.