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    • Call of War Unofficial Guide Complete

      Well that was a gruelling year of work, but we are finally done the guide. if you have forgotten what the guide was supposed to be, click here. I would like to thank all that worked on this guide, so thank you to @SuggestedSuggest, @NovaTopaz, @K.Rokossovski, @Quasi-duck, @injinji, and @dw98.

      link to guide:…KTFS4rHI/edit?usp=sharing
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    • Very detailed, but will address some issues (maybe just my opinion) and improvements:
      - Mech Inf can be countered by AT and TD since it counts as armored unit (TD does better since Mech inf has less damage against armored units). Is kinda like an expensive combo of Med Tanks, Motor inf and Light Tanks.
      - Tac bomber stats are quite outdated since it still has the defensive more than offensive stats against air.
      - Maybe fix some spelling/grammar errors (go to some grammar checking site and copy+paste for checking)?
      - Update on what maps are game-created - 25p is now a system game.
      - Forced March: red-and-yellow unlike red-and-white, not what the doc says bout white-red, red-white
      - Add army: On mobile, there is this button; on desktop, you basically control click (HOLD THE CONTROL TILL YOU SELECTED ALL YOU WANT). Can also do as a convenient way of double-clicking armies, but may not get what you want.
      - I believe the doc didn't address convoys (land or sea), but they're pretty much useless anyways. Summary of convoys: land does no damage, sea does minimal damage.
      - has some words that say [work on this later]. Is it a work in progress still?
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    • Hello fellow players,

      Great guide for beginners! I am currently making a unit breakdown of all the units in the game that should allow for players to improve on their tactical and strategical skills. Your guide makes a really good read before reading mine. In it I'm already referring to the previous guide you made and I will be sure to mention this one!

      However like little racoon said, there are some minor mistakes.

      Among the units you mention mechanized infantry to be the fastest infantry, that is not true. Motorized infantry is actually just as fast as mechanized infantry on every level. However mechanized infantry reaches the same upgrade level consequently later than motorized infantry does throughout the research tree. This takes away from the role that motorized infantry can have within an army. Some of the other unit descriptions also don't really honor their effect or role they can have in an army but I only mention this one.

      The rating given to units (6/10 OFFENSIVE UNIT for infantry) for example is just a number given based on personal preference. This is confusing as infantry is actually not best used for offensive purposes, its numbers on the defense are 50% higher after all. Sure a lot of players use them offensively, but that is not the best way to use your infantry units. I completely disagree with the ratings given. Every unit can be a 10/10 as long as it is used the right way in the right place and at the right time. New players might only start building the higher rated units mentioned in this guide which would be a shame and an unwanted habit that is difficult to lose.

      The tactics displayed by VorlonFCW is a possible approach, but not the best one by any means unless it is absolutely needed to keep said province perhaps. In his example in fighting Texas he even forgets to fight by his own tactical rule number 3 ''have artillery do the work'', which can be a very good approach. Tactical rule number 5 is also nowhere to be found since it is not even mentioned the enemy division does not have any threatning anti-air capabillities and thus attacking with planes is a very rewarding tactic.

      The road to his province center is quite long, slowing enemy advancing troops down a lot. During all this time his ranged units could have been firing at them. If the enemy had chased him his infantry/mechanized infantry would also have been able to make use of their higher defensive damage numbers instead of their lower offensive damage. Had they not, they would have eventually died from artillery/railroad gun fire.

      Like Vorlon said the enemy had mostly armor and the battle takes place on plains. The tactics used by VorlonFCW to fight this battle shows poor tactical planning in the following ways:
      - Not making full use of ranged units
      - Not using the longer road to a province center on your own terrain.
      - Not using units in their most effective way (infantry does higher damage defensively, so does mechanized infantry).
      - Not using the terrain to your advantage (attacking armor on plains with infantry is not a smart move).

      Neither the enemy nor VorlonFCW had any real anti-air or anti-armor capabilities, this also shows some unpreparedness on both sides. As I mentioned earlier, VorlonFCW should have probably used some bombers himself in this battle.

      In your guide I would advise to remove the personal preference generated rating. The battle VorlonFCW showcased should include mention some of the tactical errors made in this fight in order to not give a bad example. Other than that what I have read seems to make it a very useful guide for beginners (mind the spelling though). Good job!

      Kind regards,


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